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Jun 26, 2017
College Station TX
Hi! I need help acquiring my first signal. I use Satellite Locator on my iPhone. I do not have a compass nor can I afford one at this time (nobody around here sells satellite compasses). I was given a GEOSatPro dish with the original LNB. The mount was lost for the lnb so now it is being held on by a copper wire. It's in place pretty sturdy. The dish has a motor on it, the motor actually works too. I don't really need it and taking it off would be just extra work for me. The dish is mounted on a PVC pipe shimmied inside of the smoke pipe of a BBQ grill! That is pretty sturdy as well. So, I set the elevation and everything just as the app says so, used the compass on the phone, I have no idea what A and B are on the dish mount so I just set those as the elevation and azimuth. Looks pretty good. Now, here's the thing. I have set it up with my X10 receiver. I cannot get a signal. I set the correct satellite this thing is aimed at, and everything. No signal. 76% signal strength but no signal quality. Help!! I don't know what I am doing wrong
The LNBF must be mounted at the same height angle and distance from the reflector as the original mount. If not, most of the reflected signals will go past the LNBF and not enter the feedhorn opening. I would recommend that before attempting this project that you contact satellite AV and purchase a replacement LNBF clamp.

I also recommend that you remove the dish from the motor and mount it directly on a 1 5/8" post. A motorized dish is difficult enough to aim for an experienced satellite person let alone a newbie. It just adds one more complication to the process. Add the motor later once you understand where the satellites are positioned in the sky and how to configure the receiver motor settings.

What satellite are you wanting to aim at? I would recommend starting out with 97W, as it has the most free to air channels of any KU satellite.

Select 97W from the satellite list in the installation menul. Set the LNB type to single or standard 10750. Select an active transponder from the list example TP: 12152. Set the LNBF skew rotation to the angle provided for your address at Set the dish elevation angle to match the elevation calculation provided on Identify the compass heading for 97W using the data from

Place a small TV beside the satellite dish and while watching the signal quality meter reading, SLOWLY pan the dish about 20° east and 20° west of the estimated satellite compass reading. If no signal quality reading is noted, increase or decrease the elevation setting in 1° increments and slowly repeat the pointing process until the satellite signal is found.

Once the satellite signal quality meter reading is located and peaked, perform a blind scan to log all available transponders and channels on the satellite.
Alright. I'll try removing the motor and mounting the dish. I'll grab an extension cord, receiver and a portable TV and see what I can catch at 97W!
Here is the assembly manual for the 90cm:

Scale A is used if the post clamp is installed in the butteryfly bracket using the pass-through hole stamped "A" for elevations 20-60 degrees and "B" scale is used if assembled using hole stamped "B" for 50-90 degrees.

Note: The Elevation Scale markings will not be accurate if the LNBF is not positioned at the correct height above the support arm.
Alright. So the motor's set to my correct latitude, and elevation is too. 54.4 degrees elevation is set on side A and on the elevation scale on the motor. Looks correct. LNB skew is correct. 77% strength, 0% quality. What is wrong here? Do you have a phone number you could PM me so we could talk? Very confusing
What is the elevation angle to the 97w satellite from your location as calculated on

Remove the dish from the motor and make sure the motor clamp is assembled with the correct "A" or "B" hole and the through-bolt in the post clamp assembly that aligns to this elevation angle range.

Install the dish mount directly on a 1 5/8" pole (do not install on the motor). Set the elevation angle setting on the corresponding "A" or "B" scale. Then follow the aiming instructions from the earlier post.

Is the LNBF mounted at the correct height, angle and distance from the reflector surface? If not, it is going to be difficult if not impossible to aim the dish and receive any satellite signal. Did you order a replacement LNBF clamp or have a GEOSATpro 90cm to create template and McGyver clamp assembly?

Many talent folks here with great suggestions to install. I try to assist with satellite questions on the forums when time permits.
It is correctly instlled (the motor is). I cannot afford a pole. I might just give up on this, it is much too complicated.
An old Dish Network or DirecTV 1.66"/1 5/8" mast works fine or a 1.5 fence post. These are everywhere.

Yes, I agree. Probably to complicated starting with a the motor. One step at a time and you will get it. Bite off too much and anyone of us would choke... :(

Loosen up the dish pole mount clamp nuts and remove the through-bolt. The dish mount will slide right off of the motor post.
I can try to find one, but those are rare to find where I am. I was eyeballing a satellite ground base next to a dumpster, then some dickweed scrapper came and got it.
Its not that hard to work on take your time. I bought a colman map compass i use that standing in front of the dish. I would not mess with a motor off that bat. I would try to locate 97w first then work on a motor.
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I don't have $18 to get the concrete and pole for this, how else could I mount the dish using my current bbq grill set up? It has those little things that wrap around the pole and tighten into place.
Any scrap yard and most neighborhoods have old Dish Network or DirecTV mast no longer being used. Ask any neighbor who has one without LNBFs mounted on it. It is junk at that point and most folks would be happy to give it away just to get it off the wall or eave.

Mount the mast to a pallet or scrap plywood with weight on it.
I bought a 1 5-8" pole at Lowes, slid the dish on it, set the elevation to 54 degrees and it looks super low... so I put my phone on the LNB arm as compass, got it to 181 like the dish pointer said, and still blinking 76% signal strength, 0 quality.
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