First Signal

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  1. Been installing satellite dishes for over 30 years and I guarantee that it will rotate in the first rain and wind... A round pole in a round hole will result in a dish that rotates.

    Congrats on receiving the first satellite. Now the learning curve gets easier!!!
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  3. Some of the foreign channels are so bad, I wouldn't be surprised if they're sending them across the ocean by telephone.
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  4. Thanks! I have found the boring Macy's Satellite Network. I wonder what all they air on there.
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  5. as far as picture quality, well, it's all about budget. So you have many channels from either poor countries or religious groups or ethnic communities with limited budget, and they use lower quality equipment, and broadcast at a lower bit rate. (I have to assume that the cost of carrying a channel is somewhat proportional to the bitrate). In some cases, you have to wonder how people can actually watch that stuff (not judging the content, but the picture quality)
  6. Some times you can get wild feeds of sports programming on the macy sat! 105 west. Its usually out of market programming! Try doing TP scans on Saturday's.
  7. This Saturday, I will aim the dish back at 105 (easy, I just nudge it over, it works! haha!) and run a new TP scan
  8. Just a suggestion that can make life easier in the future if you go back to the motor. Place the dish at 97, which sould be your true south satellite. Take an inclinometer or level app on your phone and measure the angle of the LNB arm. Write it down with a sharpie on the arm! Note something off in the distance that is under the aim of the dish, or place a rock or some other object at your property line for future reference.

    Next time you set the dish up, say on a motor, put the dish on the motor with the motor at the correct elevation for your latitude. At this point the elevation scale on the dish is wrong, so just use the angle of the LNB arm to set your elevation. Doing this you could make aiming the dish a 5 minute job.
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