Fix Your OpenBox S-9 For 58 Cents

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  1. Yea, what he said. :)

    Let me see if I can state this clearly. (honestly? well I'm not a salesman, just a old country doctor)
    If you already bought the part Digi-Key recommended earlier, please use it. It is fine. I did.

  3. Okeedoke
    So the part is doing what is supposed to do!
  4. Yes, and will work fine in this application. It is just a little over kill.
  5. I got it!! Case closed , Thanks ke4est and Pixl!!
  6. Glad we could help.
  7. think i just blew the little fuse. have to check it out. moved the solomend s9 upstairs to hook it up for the wife. had to use a different cable to hook to the gbox. unfortunately i had crimped the cable with a door in the past and the cable was shorted. now solomend just has the red light and once in a while displays on but nothing else. going down to kc this week so will pick up a couple of the little fuses. life goes on... charlie
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    ke4est and Pixl, Thank You! I recieved the part Monday. (That's incredeble speed by the the postal service to these parts) Finally had the opportunity to install it today. I did not perform a 450ma burn in. Put back into operation, returned to perfect :) S9 serial # HD10C1B99-003944
    The original part, W60 065, did work for 2+ years, Heaviest draw is less than 200ma.
    Failed part exhibits a 5v drop @ 100ma. after 20 min. from 'cold".
    Thanks Again!

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  9. Nice! Glad to hear it's back up and running like before. Glad to help! You are very welcome.

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  10. Nice photos of before/after of the top side repair.
  11. if that part fails will the receiver not boot up? thats what happened to me a couple of days ago when i hooked up a shorted cable between the receiver and the gbox. charlie
  12. If it fails, it will act as though no LNB is connected.
  13. something else is wrong then. when it failed, i unhooked the lnb and it booted up ok, hooked up the lnb and failed again, unhooked the lnb and still failed... just got my az box so have plenty to play with but mary has couple broken bones in her ankle so i am busy traveling to the hospital yesterday and today... life is not boring. charlie
  14. I would answer that question with a qualified possibly! It would be worth getting a meter out to check it.

    BTW, We arer praying for Mary.
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    Got some from fleabay .60 at 60v 10 for 4 bux..yay..lots of spares
  16. Got so excited finding was .65a and 60v that I found and search with this title and it will take you right there
    (10Pcs New PolySwitch Resettable Fuse 60V 0.65A)at 4 bux free shipping....doesn't get any easier than that..I did check mine and it is the w60 65 junk one, thanks to the hard work put into solving this problem
  17. My S10 just started losing signal again after the seller fixed it in December of 2011. I don't whether to follow this route or send it back to them again to be repaired. :(
  18. thank you.
  19. Hello sir,

    I have a openbox x3 also has this part near the tuner.

    My openbox boot loop. I flashed with the null-modem cable RS232 Cross but it changed nothing, it continues to boot loop. I even tried with several firmware.

    Do you think the problem is the fuse malfunctioning on my machine? I had a conductivity test with a voltmeter and it sounds. is that by replacing a fuse equivalent, i can reboot my openbox properly?

    An electrician told me that the fuse is a special fuse to reset the machine when there is a problem. He advised me to replace it with a simple blown fuse when there is a short circuit.

    Thank you enlighten me on this subject

    I translated in google because I'm French. I understand English a little.

    good to you,

  20. Bonjour,
    Si vous êtes à mesurer la tension à la prise d'antenne, il est à 13v verticale, horizontale 18v.
    Mais je dois penser que ce sont les neeeds firmware à télécharger. Pas le fusible.

  21. goodnight,

    I tried all software solutions. compatible with all firmwares for my openbox and even those that have advised me on Internet forums. F3 with firmware or S10 receiver does not light up.

    compatible with the firmware I see the image of the home screen and immediately after it reboots and starts like this indefinitely.

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