Flurry Analytics Comparison -First 74 days on Market for Droid, iphone 1.0, and nexus



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Interesting report going through the android blogs today, from Flurry Analytics

Day 74 Sales: Apple iPhone vs. Google Nexus One vs. Motorola Droid

While I think the Droid numbers are interesting, I think the comparison is difficult to make since 1) The smartphone market is much more mainstream and mature today than it was when the iphone originally came out; and 2) The Droid is on Verizon, the nation's largest carrier. Still interesting read.


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So, why 74? Simply put, according to Apple, the original iPhone reached 1 million units sold in that many days. And since the Nexus One launched on January 5, we've had Friday, March 19 (aka day 74) circled on our calendars. The comparison is interesting because the iPhone and Nexus One each represent Apple and Google's first fully branded handsets, respectively. We add the Motorola Droid as a point of comparison, and because it's the fastest selling Android phone to date.

The chart below compares the sales results through each of their respective first 74 days. The launch dates were: iPhone, June 29, 2007; Droid, November 5, 2009; and, Nexus One, January 5, 2010. Please note that we forecasted the last few days of Nexus One's first 74 days sales based sales of the first 70 days we tracked at the time of writing this report.

Yes, Mike, plus the fact that iphone entered the market with a carrier distribution and AT&T's own marketing campaign in addition to Apple's. Nexus One has just had a smattering of buzz in the world of Google to date. Very little TV advertising. However, now with the news of 3/17- Sprint will be offering the Nexus One through it's stores and marketing. Granted, Sprint is still not nearly as solidly healed as AT&T but at least Nexus One is NOW on the map for smart cell phones. The 74 number in the author's post is flawed in this respect. Droid had the Verizon ad campaign behind it plus price subsidies.

These guys should let statistics and charting to scientists and stop trying to make statistics look like figures lie. :)

Reviewed the article and read the responses. Seems the half of responses I read through, all disagreed with the author's "theories" Good to know most people are smart enough to see through such idiotic comparisons. Several repeated my comments above and many had other equally compelling observations of flaws in the author's theories.
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The smartphone handset selling business to Google is akin the AppleTV boxes selling to Apple...

Calling the Nexus One vs. iPhone unit sales comparison as apple-to-oranges would be an insult to both, apples and oranges...

But when did this ever stop the Apple "installed base"...



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Yeah, I hate these kinds of comparisons, marketplaces change, you can't take 2 different periods in a vacuum and fairly compare them. People do the same with 360 vs PS3... and tend to only do it if it suits their argument. Same with DVD vs VHS, HD formats vs DVD.

Hey guys, the first 30 days of the GMC Terrain are blowing away the Model T over the same period of time.

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