FREE Entry: Sadoun Invacom QPH-031 LNBF - Ending 8/31/2008

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We would like to offer one FREE prize to a person who is willing and interested in using this high quality product.

Features of the QPH-031 (Value $69.00)

A high performance LNBF with 4 outputs. Excellent choice to use with your motorized dishes, or where the signal strength is poor.

Invacom designs and manufactures high performance LNBs for professional and consumer use. They produce some of the lowest noise figure LNBs available. This 0.3 dB noise figure LNB is a market leader. However, it is not just the low noise figure that makes Invacom LNBs perform so well.

This LNBF is a combination of two dual output Circular and Linear LNBFs in one single unit. You can use it for Ku band FTA, or DSS service. The LNBF provides simultaneous reception of both linear and circular polarized signals with a 0.3dB noise figure and 55dB gain! This 2nd Generation version offers Linear (FSS) 11.7 – 12.7GHz & Circular (BSS) 12.2-12.7.

Ideal for motorized dishes. Eliminates the need to use multiple dishes. Perfect for fixed dish reception of DSS and AMC4 on 101W satellite. The QPH-031 can be mounted on almost any dish due to its 40mm diameter flange.

Note: If you want to combine the Circular & Linear polarity outputs into one coaxial cable, you will need a DiSEqC or 22KHz switch (not included).

  • 2x outputs for Circular polarity ( LH & RH )
  • 2x outputs for Linear Polarity ( V & H )
  • See Tele-Satellite review and test report here.

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So how do you enter to win? Easy!

All you have to do to enter in the random drawing is to post a reply to THIS message and say "I want to win!", followed by whatever random banter you wish to include. Be creative, be silly, be serious, tell a sob story whatever. Just post something!

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At the end of August 31, 2008, we will select one entry "randomly". The winning member will be notified by PM to get his/her shipping address. This is open to all members of


1. Open to members worldwide. However, if the winner is a non-USA resident, winner is required to pay a nominal shipping fee to their country. Also non-USA resident are responsible to pay their own custom duties or taxes at their country.

2. Must be at least 21 years of age to enter

3. One entry per family/residence for each item

4. Multiple submissions automatically disqualified

5. Officers and employees, including their relatives, of Sadoun Satellite Sales are not eligible for entry.

6. Deadline: End of the month - by mid-night.

7. Entrants agree by act of registration to permit their name to be posted on this site if they are chosen as the winner.

8. Winning entry selected at random. Odds of winning varies dependent upon number of entries. This is a free drawing with free shipping (to USA addresses only). No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. No exchanges or returns permitted or accepted.

9. Winner notified via email & shipping information will be requested from winner at that time. Winner must reply within 48 hours. Make sure your email is correct. If a selected winner is ineligible, fails to claim a prize no alternate winner will be selected.

10. Incomplete entries or entries with errors will not be processed. Entries submitted after deadline will be disqualified.

As always with Sadoun Satellite Sales, your information will not be shared with any third parties. By entering this contest, you agree to be added to our e-mail list. Sadoun reserves the right to cancel this Free Giveaways; offer anytime without any prior notice.

Best regards and good luck.
"I want to win!"

I'm stuck with a Primestar LNB at the moment and I'm using a spare 22kHz switch to select between H and V (too cheap to buy a multiswitch :eek:).
"I want to win!"

My sob story is I always enter these great contests here and never win! :) :(
I want to win!

Nice replacement for my 1m winegard with DG380, only have linear LNB now:(
"I want to win!"

I will need it for my not yet purchased 120cm dish :D
"I want to win!" I'd sure like to have one of those.
I want to win because I really want to try the Invacom again. Had one before but had issues. That issue has been resolved :)
"I want to win" I have never tried a invacom. Hope this gets me G10R without breaks
"I want to win!"

This would be a great upgrade for my motorized primestar!
"I want to win!"

Why did the seagull fly over the sea?

Because if it flew over the bay it would be a bagel
"i want to win"

Oh wow with that I can prt d* and oh wait. Never mind. But it would be nice to have a professional quality LNBF. Not that the bullet lnb is doing bad. Seems to me this is just begging to be put on a stationary dish (Primestar) or something with the V/H outputs.


"I want to win!"

Sure, I could use one.
Have a regular SNH-031 that's pretty good, but never got the QPH.
Should be fun to give a ride on the end of the arm.

As for hooking it up, we've discussed that many times, and even have it prominently listed in a FAQ on Switches.
If I'd had one when I wrote the page on the QPH, I might have known which connectors were L, and which were C.
Damned if I could ever find that in any documentation anywhere! :rolleyes:

Tron said:
I could use this on my secondary motorized system (which is sitting in my shed uninstalled at the moment :rolleyes: )
Is it right beside that uninstalled Paraclipse you've been hoarding for over a year? - :eek:
Ya know I'm not gonna let you forget it. Not after that wonderful story of rolling it home one night!
I'm still seeing that vision in my nightmares! - :up
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I want to win!

It's time to report activity of new E*XI satellite !!!

[And D-12 ;) ].
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