free pvrs - that do low quality captures


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Apr 18, 2006
I've been having lots of trouble with the pvr software that comes with the ati-all-in-wonder. The TV will see the tv fine, but the recorder function freezes things up. I think it's a bug in atimmc.exe. I've had it work before but it's really hit and miss...

That sucks.

I've been looking around online for other pvr recorders, preferably free. I found some last night, but the only one that I've found that works with the ati only does high quality mpg 2 recordings, AVS TV Box. Since my pc isn't the fastest thing in the world, it'll record a while, but then give me some sort of an error about video quality going down so it stops recording. I'm guessing that's due to the slow machine - 1.5 ghz emachine with 512 mb ram.

Does anyone know of any free pvr/drv that will record at lower resolution and not care how slow the machine is? Even if all it does is record mpg 1 quality, I think I'd be happy with that. I'm not doing much with this thing, just looking for something that can record many hours of video and play it back... streaming it down to a tv in the living room through some coax. I'm wanting to record some movies and stuff on various fta channels that are showing stuff I want to see during the middle of the day while I'm at work. I'm wanting pvr/dvr instead of using vcr so that I can have longer than 6 hours of recordings...

I've read about freevo and mythtv - but I don't think they work under windows or with the ati card in question, an ati all-in-wonder 9000 pro.
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I forgot that I had mgi videowave iii se from back when I got a Belkin Videobus before I got my first ATI card... used it tonight... it's working awesome, and uses less ram than ati's atimmc! :)
Ok, so this the videowave solution is only halfway fixing the problem... I just recorded a recording that was 4 hours 38.27 seconds... Video is fine and sound is too... but since it's saving the avi file as uncompressed this 320x240 avi file is is burning 42 gigs of space! This is ok for some things, but I'd think it's not a real solution since that's an awful lot of space, using about 10 gigs per one hour! I need a better solution than that that will save more space...
got it working.... now using get all media - - works real good with ati cards! Couldn't figure out recording at first til I read about it in a forum somewhere... Record = ctrl + r, stop recording = ctrl +s
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