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Jan 18, 2010
Houston TX
Being new to "FTA" but a self-installer of other systems, I have very little general knowledge as to if it's worth my money to buy & install both C & KU systems? What I don't know is the quality of channels available...most i see listed are religious & foreign language channels. I don't know anyone or have friends that use FTA systems, so no feed back there, i just want to know that I won't be getting a pig in a poke for my money? Any feed back is welcome.


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Jun 24, 2006
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Well, I look at it as a hobby, more than as a way to watch TV. I'm not an avid TV guy. I read a lot, but I like sports and news feeds particularly baseball....! I'm also a retired electrician , specializing in communications, and for me, it's a great hobby. A motorized Ku dish is frequently the first step, but you could reverse that and get the cheap 6 foot C-band dish from Galaxy marketing to start out. For all it's "warts" that cheap little setup hauls in a lot of programming. If you're a big TV watcher, expect to be disappointed by what you WON"T find up there, but as an installer, you might find becoming a hobbyist both entertaining and enlightening.
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