FTA has taken over!

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Supporting Founder
May 22, 2004
Eventhough I got into reading this forum here at satguys and then setting up my own FTA system I never thought this day would come....

FTA sat has all but replaced my E* setup. My wife still likes her 622 upstairs, but today after getting my new HT receiver and redoing the setup and wiring I started to realize, I have not turned on my 211 in the HT room in over a month. I powered it on today to make sure it still worked! :) and to test the HDMI audo with my receiver, but I honestly can't say when i'll turn it back on again. Maybe for a MNF game down the road if the wife is on the 622 upstairs.

FTA has taken over. Thanks everyone for getting me into the hobby!


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Feb 10, 2006
Waterloo, Iowa
Until I upgraded to the 622, I only watched FTA :) My wife and daughter watch a few programs on Dish Network, and I like the Monster Channel and RAVE, and a few other HD channels, I still watch alot of FTA as I LOVE the shows on G10!


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Jun 8, 2006
it is soooooo addicting, its like i dont even have one set up tweaked right, and i want others up and running,,, thanks to brian at SatAV i have my family has our
1st motorized system[ geosat pro 90cm with gs-120 motor, and qph031 lnbf], and that is not properly tweaked and i need to do some tree trimming/removal to help, so as a quick fix to have AMC3 i now need to resetup my old gear a 1.2m channel master which needs some modification for mounting( and i found on a thread here about a poor mans H-H angled mount do better aim) and thats going to be a challenge and consume time to learn, let alone i still do not know all that i am missing and can do with the motorized system,but the addiction is soo bad i knocked on a house 2 miles from me that has an un-usedCband( the owner is contiplating letting it go )i also have a channel master 1m that is missing everthing that needs a purpose???.... and here is the kicker to my addiction , i know a guy that has a Pansat labeled 36 inch prime focus dish which i know he would let go for cheap,,, but my addiction is soo bad i trying to learn a use for it , it kills me knowing its just laying on the ground on his property( but dont want to go get it unless i have a specific use for it and i still would get it before i had the other prejects done) anyone else out there trying to find things to put up without the current setups tweaked????
dish farm hopefull!!!!
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