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Jul 17, 2006
hi, ill admitt im a neb at this since it really isnt my satillite but my father's firend who doesn't speak english nor PC literrate (which is were i am no newb..) so here's whats going down.

The setup up is a Traxis 3500 receiver, we got a simple signal meter with the analog signal display, and small standard dish, and i thin its call the LNP which is a single

here's the problem, i connected everything, used the signal finder to search for sats, it gave me a strong reading u know beepign outta control, but the receiver wont budge from a weak signal no matter where i pointed it.

i cant get any channels or it to work any advice??


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Nov 5, 2003
Keep moving the dish and Auto Scanning, sometimes signal meters pull you to the much stronger DBS satellites!

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