FTA with 4DTV system

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Robert Fisher

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Dec 12, 2006
First, I wish to thank the group and especially Iceman for his insight and direction for my quest to jump into the MPEG-2 FTA activity.

After due deliberation, I have found myself leaning toward, either the PANSAT 3800S/SD (b-80) receiver or the Fortec Star mercury II. Again I thank the Iceman for his thoughts.

My present system consists of the Mitsubishi’s73” HDTV, the 4DTV 922, in conjunction with the Motorola HDD 200 HD decoder a 10 1/2' dish, plus a gaggle of other toys attached thereto. I am also searching for an OTA receiver to decode all 18 ASTC broadcast formats. Yes, My Mitsubishi 73” was only HDTV ready. Possibly some of you may know of an OTA tuner similar to or even better than the Samsung DTB-H260F. I am open to all points of view.

My concern is “my” hooking up the two, the PANSAT 3800S/SD (b-80) FTA receiver and the OTA receiver as slaves to my 4DTV. I guess my question is, has anyone accomplished this sort of hook up? Any pointers would be appreciated.



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May 18, 2004
Lizella, Georgia Republic
I think you've got a typo, but that's OK. I've never heard of a Pansat 3800s/sd, so unless it's a new receiver, you probably mean the Pansat 3500s/sd. This is how I do it:
Just remember to use "High Frequency" splitters with one port power passthrough. The diagram shows 2x1 splitters and I use 4x1 splitters, because I have several receivers. I also use 4x1 diseqc switches, because of multiple lnb's. Hope this will help! Good Luck!

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