Future of Diginets?

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  1. That is my hope, as Dish now has several, Grit, Justice, Family Net, Get TV, Laff, as well as FETV that runs COZI part time.
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  3. You've got to remember that the reason the diginets are there is to make more money for the TV station. I don't feel diginets are going away as there is always a way to add more programming. With 2-6 now opening back up, that will help with space a bit more. Some stations that may go away, may end up on another channel as a diginet too. Portland OR for instance, has two main channels to move KOIN 6 (40) and KATU 2 (43), but with KATU (Sinclair) adding a 4th channel, they probably are just looking to drop sown below 38. There are openings in the Portland market on UHF, or they could just return to 2 & 6.
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  4. Future channel assignments are 2-36 so you should have said "below 37".
    Don't forget that the repack isn't the end of the jockeying. Stations are likely to be saving their final destination frequencies for their ATSC 3.0 broadcasts if they're at all committed to the frequency.

    I'm sure that FM radio is going to want assurances that ATSC 3.0 on RF6 isn't going to cause them grief.
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  5. Diginets that Green Bay does not have yet:
    * COZI TV
    * Decades (WBAY-TV 2 was supposed to get this one to replace Live Well Network, but got Ion TV on 2-3 instead)
    * Qubo (I could picture WBAY-TV adding this to 2-4)
    * Buzzr
    * Heroes & Icons
    * Movies!
    * getTV
    * This TV
    * Heartland
    * Retro TV (WBAY-TV had this on 2-3 before Live Well Network)
    * Light TV (I hope WLUK-TV 11-4 or WACY-TV 32-4 picks this one up)
    * WeatherNation TV (I do not see how WBAY-TV would need this one, since WBAY-TV has their own weather station on 2-2, but maybe the other news outlets in my area [WFRV-TV 5, WLUK-TV 11, or WGBA-TV 26] could pick this one up; WIWN-TV Channel 68 in Fond du Lac used to air WeatherNation TV. They are now affiliated with SBN)
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  6. How do you mean it doesn't lend itself? I'm not sure what you mean here. Escape and Justice Network air lots of shows from TruTV, ID, CI and A&E. Why could Discovery, Fox or A&E not launch their own subchannel like Sony have? Or why don't they bother. Why would Discovery not launch a Quest type diginet in the US?Why do they work in the UK? Blaze even has repeats of Pawn Stars and Storage Wars, could A&E not create a subchannel like this?
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  7. Because they make more money keeping the content on subscription channels and forcing everyone to pay for the channels in a cable bundle. Not to mention there isn't enough bandwidth available in all markets to keep adding more and more subchannels
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  8. Then why do companies like A&E, Fox and Discovery licence programming to Justice Network and Escape if they want people to pay for everything? Even recent series like Most Evil from DIscovery and Pretty Bad Girls from ID (2012 - Present), The Killer Speaks and Cold Case Files from A&E (still running), Alaska State Troopers and Frontier Force from Nat Geo. Discovery/ID/A&E could easily launch an Escape or Justice Network and they would have lots of free content
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  9. Because it is low rated crap that brings nothing to the pay networks. Anything of real value will stay with the subscription channels. They've even started pulling the svod stuff back to the pay ecosystem.
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  10. The US is 3-4 times larger than the U.K. and the pay ecosystem is where the real money is until alacarte is forced upon the 4 or 5 media companies. The U.K. Gets a better return with ad supported broadcast than pay with their smaller viewership.
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  11. In my area, WBAY-TV airs syndicated reruns of Pawn Stars before Action 2 News at Noon Monday through Friday. Pawn Stars is syndicated to the Gray Television-owned station through Trifecta Entertainment.
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  12. Exactly, it's not owned by the network which is why there are spinoff shows Pawn Stars UK, Pawn Stars South Africa and Pawn Stars Australia. Storage Wars had a Canadian Spinoff Storage Wars Canada. I think Storage Hunters is the U.K. Version. The Production companies own them. That's also why there are 20 versions of shows like The Voice and Dancing with the Stars around the world. Many of the cable groups don't own half of the programming they broadcast and why there are endless repeats of some
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  13. Surely a TV company could launch a subchannel with reality/factual series rather than old TV shows? Would it not be cheaper to have reruns of shows like Forensic Files, Dog Whisperer, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Border Security USA etc and shows like Nothing to Declare from Australia? They could easily have a nice channel run cheaply, I'm surprised they haven't launched more subchannels with old reruns of reality/factual type programs? Surely they would be very cheap to run?
  14. People aren't interested in rehashing old episodes of programs that didn't matter when they were new. While based on crime reports, ripped from the pages of the newspaper or whatever, the information presented wasn't really important to anyone but the parties involved.

    "Reality TV" is almost universally not a good thing and it suffers horribly from the passage of time because it assumes a social context that no longer exists.
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  15. Surely programs like Dog the Bounty Hunter and Border Security USA and the renovation/cooking shows from the last 10 years could easily be repeated again, not necessarily 'reality' TV as such but more factual type shows. Wouldn't they be a lot cheaper than old TV shows to acquire. Justice Network is the only really one than has old factual shows. I'm surprised there are not more subchannels like this, not necessarily focused on crime but factual shows like listed above. Even factual imports from Canada/Australia/UK.
  16. Sadly, blame on FCC's censorship crap for G-rated junk go to European stations they will show high quality made in the USA Rated movies uncut OTA!:p
  17. Dog the bounty hunter factual?

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  18. European stations don't have to worry about finding advertisers for their programming as the broadcasts are generally state-sponsored. It isn't really the FCC so much as those who spend money to run ads during the program not wanting their brand to be associated with things that some consider to be in poor taste or are genuinely lacking in social value.

    See more about this by doing a web search for "YouTube boycott".
  19. Only bbc is..there are many many commercial broadcasters that show uncut movies in the UK..With a multitude of ads

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  20. I blame the FCC's children's educational TV act on the fact that there's little to no children's programming outside of educational stuff on broadcast TV. Much of the children's entertainment has gravitated towards cable TV/satellite and streaming video in recent years. I remember when Saturday morning cartoons on all the major networks had to compete with the likes of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and The Disney Channel. I wish they could make some changes to favor the cord-cutters/cord-nevers who refuse to pay for something they can get for free elsewhere. I still miss watching Saturday morning cartoons. The educational stuff they replaced it with does NOT appeal to every demographic.
  21. I LOVED getting up Saturday mornings, and watching cartoons all morning. Then in the afternoon, watching "Sir Graves Ghastly" on channel 2 for horror movies. When he wasn't preempted by sports that is...
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