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  1. Europe is a big place -- much larger than the islands of the UK.

    I looked at the program schedule for London and didn't see much in the way of theatrical releases. They had Hellboy II playing back-to-back and another movie from 2001 playing during what we would call Prime Time tonight. Hellboy II is a two hour movie and it was showing in a two hour slot so either a lot of the movie was missing or there weren't a multitude of ads. The channel was ITV2.
  3. ITV2 is a commercial channel loaded with ads..time schedules are not as easy to follow over there..its not a strict hour/half hour schedule
  4. Nonetheless, unless they're using some serious time compression, it was a two hour movie in a two hour slot. If it was "loaded with ads", they would have had to severely time compress and edit the movie for the time allowed. I assume that "loaded" means at least 30% commercials.

    Alternatively, if they used the entire four hours to play a two hour movie, I'm not sure how anyone could sit through it.

    Other than that, I didn't see much in the way of theatrical releases so I'm suspicious that your claims aren't particularly accurate. Much of the freeview programming that isn't BBC appears to be MTV class at best.
  5. There are ways you can tune in and check it out yourself

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  6. Weekends..itv 2,3 and 4 are loaded with American movies

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  7. E/I needs to be ridded off, kids are getting fat and lazy and what happen to chicken fat go program?:rolleyes:
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