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Mar 6, 2006
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Haven't been on this site for quite a while, so this may be a repeat... I was using an RF Modulator to mirror my HD signal in the same room. But when DTV changed their Guide, I received a message on extended tv screen: "Your tv or cabling may not be HD"...... Upon further investigation, I bought an HDMI splitter and HDMI 25' cable to replace RF Modulator.. OMG....What a difference!!! I now have 1080i on both tv's.... Happy Man!!!

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Monoprice is a great source for HDMI splits and cables. I have one of their 1x4 splitter, and cabling as long as 75' in use.

They also sell a component to composite adapter that would eliminate the messages about non-HD cables, and still allow you to use your RF modulated solution, in SD of course.
Jcrandall...No need for RF....HDMI Splitter is exactly what i was looking for....SD is not an option... I eliminated RF mod......
FYI, HDMI splitters don't always work. They sometimes have handshake issues. You may need an HDMI switch instead.
Be aware they don't like sudden interuptions in power. I've gone through 2 of them at our cabin which has many summertime thunderstorms. My cable runs are relatively short so I switched to using a component splitter instead.
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