DVR power Usage?

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Mar 6, 2006
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I read somewhere that these receivers use as much power as a fridge... (even in the OFF mode) Is this true? thx

ps..... I'm talking about HD-DVR
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The HR20 uses 33 watts, the newer models less than that.
That told you Killowatts perhour per yr ?

How do you read this, I dvr is around 85 kw another shows 198 or there abouts.

This is looking at the HR24100 and 200 I think it was.

The 198 number is per year.

Total Energy Consumption (TEC) (kWh/yr): Calculation of expected energy consumption for a typical user over a one year period; expressed in units of kWh/year. Actual annual energy consumption will vary depending on usage patterns.
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