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Apr 26, 2007
Is there a box that is available that can be hooked to internet and watch all FTA programms. Somebody told me they sell them in Europ. Is this true?
Is there a box that is available that can be hooked to internet and watch all FTA programs....
It's called a computer! :) I only say this since recently I've noticed when checking the web sites of many stations on Galaxy 19 that their websites are simulcasting what I see live on the satellite. The difference is that satellite quality is superior. Watching clear video is far more enjoyable. I'll keep my FTA.
Some of the channels on 97w are pretty ugly as it is, hate to see what they would look like on the Internet with quality that is not as good.
Please let me know which TP have RT TV on satellite Galaxy 19
I got following channels on 12152-H .
Guide US TV,Al Sunna Al Nabawiyah TV ,Al Jazeera English,ETV 2 (Ethiopia),RT America.

Is RTV Russian TV america ?? which is only a news channels,whereas website shows versatile programms??
If not please let me know VPID and APID to enter manually.
Can I get RTV affiliate channels in Toronto ,ON , on TP 12152 H etc ?? Which channels can I get and what are apid and vpid numbers,please. I have 36 inch dish,Standard Linear LNB on Galaxy 19.I am getting all others channels on all tp with good signal quality.
Galaxy 19, 12152 H 20000, "RT" stands for Russia Today, not RTV. You should certainly be able to receive RTV on AMC9 at 83W, 11735 H 4444, APID 35, VPID 36. I'm watching it now in Halifax on a 1-metre dish with 70% quality.
There is a RTV Plus on 97 west but it's scrambled , RT (Russia Today) can be recieved on 12152 tp H 20000 sr , ( audio pid 120,eng & video pid 110 ) . I would think a 36'' dish should bring it strong . In central Missouri I get it with a converted DN Super Dish .
El_Viejo said:
Russian tv is RT. llllllll RTV is Retro TV on satellite AMC-9 @ 83W. Not one and the same. El_Viejo

Fyi. RT is on 280 jist noticed it tonight


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