Edision OS Mio and Mio+ Sale Through 8/1/2020 (1 Viewer)


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May 23, 2013
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:heart Passing on the Savings! :heart

Just received a new shipment of Edision Mio and Mio+ STBs and were not charged the usual 25% tariff tax!!! I am passing this savings on to you!

Buy a Mio or Mio+ through August 1st, 2020 and I'll also include Free USPS Priority service delivery in the US/PR/VI!

Edision OS Mio 4K Single Tuner (DVBSX) Only $175
Edision OS Mio 4K+ Dual Tuner (DVBSX/DVBS2) Only $195



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Mar 15, 2005
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So tempting, I have no STB's now, do everything on PC and Linux. Thanks for giving enough time to convince myself Brian.:oldsmile

Do it, you'll never regret it. IF you miss this sale though, you will for sure. Pay through Paypal credit, you can make monthly payments, and IF it's all paid off before the total is due, there's no interest. That's what I did.
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Jan 1, 2010
Hi Titanium,
Thanks for making this sale happen. Other than dual tuners and front panel display, could you summarize difference between the models or maybe just what the dual tuner model adds? For North America, is the dual tuner model able to receive any channels or feeds not possible with the single tuner model?

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