Getting FTA channels on Pansat 2500A

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Jul 20, 2004
I just recently purchased a Pansat 2500A in order to view international channels (particularly interested in the channels on Telstar 5). I have setup the receiver and the dish (single LNB DirecTV dish) and aimed it at what I believe is Telstar 5. At least the Antenna Setup menu shows signal (Level 76%, Quality 78%) for satelite T-5. When I do a scan for FTA channels (from the same menu), the receiver does find about 30 TV and 40 radio channels. However, when I try viewing them I either don't get any picture or the message "Bad or scrambled channel." What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.
Hello Joe!
What are the names of some of the TV channels? That may help us work out if you are indeed on T5.
Welcome Joe!

To get FTA programming, you would need at least a 30" dish and a KU LNBF.
It sounds like you are picking up Nimiq1 on 91 (which is what ExpressVu runs off of). The 18" or 20" dishes would be able to get the audio channels on Dish 119 and ExpressVu 91. You should be able to hear those.
I have a dish (close to 30") and LNB that I brought over from Europe. I used to watch programming coming from Astra on that. Will that work for the T5?
Joe! I thought I had a BIG suitcase when I came here from the UK yours must have been enormous! I remember Astra well it was my first satellite find, happy hunting!
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