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Gotham's Riddler Story Just Took A Major Turn, But Was It The Right One?
Judging by his outerwear during the episode, as seen in the image above, Ed’s only a step or two away from putting on a more recognizable costume with another set of repeating patterns; I’m thinking question marks. There has been no reason for him to have an established villain look when he was still working with the GCPD, but now that he’ll be a known baddie, he’ll need something to make his mark among all of the other evil people in this city. Even if the look is nothing more than a jacket and a bowler derby, I’ll be pleased. No question (mark) about it. For whatever problems one may have with it, Gotham has been extremely good at laying out all of the major comic villains, even when that layout is totally abstract, as it is with The Joker. I’m definitely excited to see where The Riddler goes next, and what Season 3 has in store for him, even if part of me wishes his story had gone differently tonight. Gotham has a handful of episodes left in Season 2 – possibly with another one of Penguin serving someone a dinner made out of their children – and you can watch those episodes on Monday nights on Fox.
Gotham Slips to New Lows
Fox’s already-renewed Gotham this Monday night drew 3.7 million total viewers and a 1.2 demo rating (per finals), ticking down to series lows (with albeit a very eventful episode). Recently renewed Lucifer (3.4 mil/1.1) in turn hit season lows.Elsewhere in the ratings….
‘Gotham’ Sneak Peek: Jim Gordon is on the Warparth
“Gotham’s” Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) may have been cleared of his alleged crimes in the last installment, but he’s apparently in no rush to return to the GCPD as he attempts to make good on his promise to Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and track down the person responsible for killing Bruce’s parents.In Variety‘s exclusive sneak peek from the April 18 episode, titled “Pinewood,” Jim’s former partner, Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), urges Jim to return to work, so that he’ll have the police force’s resources at his disposal. Unfortunately for Gotham’s criminal element, Jim’s not opposed to working outside the law in his search for the truth — especially if it means keeping Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) in the dark about what he’s up to.Elsewhere in the episode, after leaving Arkham Asylum, Barbara (Erin Richards) attempts to make amends with Jim, who probably won’t be too pleased to see her. Then, Bruce and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) track down one of Thomas Wayne’s former friends from Project Chimera, but Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong) disrupts their plans.
Gotham: Hugo Strange Is Finally Bringing Someone Back, Here's What's Happening
Fish Mooney has been preserved under Arkham for a while now, and a triumphant comeback by the end of Season 2 could make a lot of sense, especially considering that Penguin is back to his old tricks again. Jerome’s death was a tragedy, based in part on taking away his epically demonic Joker-esque laugh, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to handwave whatever methods are used to bring him back. Galavan’s death has played such a big role in the second half of the season that Strange bringing him back as Patient 44 could be the perfect way to set up a cliffhanger. It should be exciting to see how resurrection of very definitively dead characters would work on Gotham. The show could go the Pet Sematary route of ensuring that all reanimated corpses are murderous and crazy, or it could veer more toward Young Frankenstein abnormality. Anything can happen, and perhaps anybody can come back. We're definitely interested in finding out more about the "Karen Jennings" referred to in the episode clip below.
In the world of Fox's "Gotham," Bruce Wayne will never kill -- although he does bear firearms, as seen in this new featurette teasing tonight's episode, provided exclusively to CBR.In the video, David Mazouz (Bruce), Sean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth) and BD Wong (Hugo Strange) discuss the episode, titled "Pinewood," which sees Bruce investigating the mysterious Pinewood Farms and its connection to his father, but only after confronting the man who killed him."It's such a defining moment for Bruce," Mazouz says of the scene, in which Bruce brandishes a pistol. "It's when he realizes he will never kill anybody -- nobody is beyond redemption."The episode also marks the debut of a clawed new character named Karen Jennings, who's connected to Wong's Strange, and makes mention of another beloved Bat-rogue. Watch the video below.
Will Gotham Bring Jerome Back As The Joker Soon?
I completely understand the want to wait until the very end of the season to unveil his magnificent return, though, because I believe that the Joker graffiti’s placement in that scene also indicates that he will be the monster that destroys everything that Strange has accomplished, not excluding the brilliant loony himself, with the help of his growing army of cackling followers. (I bet Lori Petty’s groupie version would be there.) That part’s more of a stretch than the general thought of Jerome coming back, sure, but I’m 9,999% sure it’s going to happen. Cameron Monaghan was too good not to return in some shape or form, even if he isn’t “The Joker,” but he would be especially fun to watch taking down all of Arkham in one sadistic swoop. I’m of course aware that Gotham sometimes just has fun with the references and “did you see that?” details, and that this could just be the brilliance of one set designer or background artist. But other times, it likes to put its intentions right there on its shirt sleeve, and I think this sleeve is covered in white and red makeup.
Tonight's "Gotham" episode introduced the avenging angel Azrael in a fierce and powerful way. Two weeks from tonight, Azrael will continue to torment Gotham City, and young Bruce Wayne will try and stop him. While this season of "Gotham" has been called "Wrath of the Villains," it would appear Bruce Wayne is determined to find his wrath as well.
Watch Badass Newcomer Azrael In This New Gotham Video
As a character, Azrael has had two distinct variations in the comic books. His first iteration came about during the landmark Knightfall story arc, in which Jean-Paul Valley took over for Batman following Bruce Wayne’s defeat at the hands of Bane. The second version followed a much different storyline, acting as a title passed down to assassins employed by the Order of St. Dumas. Gotham seems to be moving towards the more contemporary St. Dumas version of the character, which makes sense when we consider the fact that there’s no way that Knightfall could have taken place yet.
Although Gotham’s depiction of Azrael seems like a stark departure from his comic book counterpart, it also seems like an incredibly badass new direction for FOX to take the character. We will keep you up to date with all of the latest and greatest Gotham news as it become available to us. Be sure to check out Azrael’s debut this coming Monday when Gotham: Rise of the Villains airs on FOX.
Gotham Just Dropped A Big Hint About The Awesome Next Villain
Gotham spoilers are all over the place here.Villains are everywhere on Gotham in Season 2, and as tonight’s episode “Azrael” showed us, sometimes those villains end up being different versions of previously existing ones, with the formerly deceased Theo Galavan wrecking shop as the deadly Azrael. And one scene in the second half of the episode clued viewers in to the Batman villain that Gotham is likely to give us next: The Mad Hatter.Through moves that were far from clandestine, we watched mad scientist Hugo Strange talk to Ms. Peabody about his resurrection process, where they talk about implanting personalities on the Indian Hill subjects. He’s holding onto a copy of Through the Looking Glass and he then stops and spouts off this quote (that's actually from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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