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‘Gotham’ Stars Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards and More on Season 2’s Twists and Turns
Last weekend at New York Comic-Con I was able to participate in a group interview with Gotham’s Cory Michael Smith, Robin Lord Taylor, Jessica Lucas and Erin Richards.During the interviews the four stars talked about what’s coming up on the rest of season 2, Barbara’s mental state, how much they know about the arc of the season, their relationships with other characters like Theo Galavan (being played by James Frain), and a lot more.While I had issues with the first season of Gotham, I’ll admit the second season has been a marked improvement in terms of character development and story. It’s definitely worth another chance if you stopped watching.Here are the interviews. Gotham airs Monday nights on Fox.
The Secret of Gotham’s New Villain Is More Absurd Than I Could Have Possibly Imagined
Look. I know the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer dropped last night, and the last thing any of us want to think about is a new episode of Gotham right now. But we finally learned the true identity of Theo Galavan, and we need to take a minute to discuss how Gotham has lost what little remnants of sanity it had.Before we get into Galavan’s secret, let’s discuss the episode. “Scarification” wasn’t just another step in Galavan’s weird plan to mess with Gotham City and get himself elected; instead, he’s hired (through a network of middlemen that include Penguin, Butch, and Selina Kyle) three pyromaniac brothers to torch a variety of Wayne Enterprises-owned buildings. But Galavan doesn’t just want them burned; he also wants a certain centuries-old dagger hidden in a safe.Why? Well, we’ll get to it. The main plot of “Scarification” offers an early version of Firefly, who is not one of the brothers but sort of an adopted (and enslaved) little sister named Bridget. When the youngest brother is caught at the illegal weapons supermarket known as the Merc by Gordon and his task force, li’l bro foolishly pulls a gun on the cops, forgetting he has explosives in his pockets; Gordon and Barnes fill him full of led until he explodes in Gotham’s silliest, most gratuitously violent moment yet.
Gotham's Camren Bicondova Teases 'Angry' Selina, Weighs In on That Slap
This Monday on Gotham (Fox, 8/7), Selina Kyle strives to help Bridgit Pike aka Firefly cope with her impetuous roasting of a GCPD officer, as well as get out from under her firebug brothers’ thumb. But is this mission too hot for Cat to handle?This much is certain: The events of this week’s Selina-centric episode threaten to forever change what is already a highly tenuous connection between her and lawman Jim Gordon. “It is one of my favorites,” says Camren Bicondova, who plays Selina, “but I’m also excited for what future episodes bring.”Here, the 16-year-old actress/dancer surveys the Cat/Firefly bond, teases a fierce face-off and weighs in on the slap heard ’round the Internet.
Gotham Just Cast A Major Villain And We Love Who's Playing Him
Gotham Season 2 is only one month in, and already several members of Batman’s rogues gallery have left their mark on the show. Joker red herring Jerome (who influenced who will eventually become the real Clown Prince of Crime) caused chaos around Gotham City last week and this week saw a female Firefly on the forefront. Plus, Penguin and Riddler are dealing with their own problems. Now, one of the Dark Knight’s chillier adversaries is coming after being announced earlier this year. That’s right, Victor Fries, a.k.a. Mr. Freeze, is on the way, and he’ll be played by House of Cards actor Nathan Darrow, an expert in playing intense characters.Darrow’s Fries is described as one of the city’s greatest cryogenics engineers who “struggles to make meaningful connections with others.” The exception has been falling in love with the terminally-ill Nora, and as her condition worsens, Fries will go to any lengths to freeze her before she dies, which will eventually lead to his transformation into Mr. Freeze. Executive producer John Stephens informed TV Line that Fries will debut in the Nov. 30 episode, titled “The Son of Gotham,” and following that, a “heavy Freeze story” will be told in Episodes 12 and 13. For his first few decades, Freeze was largely a “joke” villain who was only popular because of his gimmick rather than for any notable character traits. It was in the 1990s hit Batman: The Animated Series that the tragic version of the character was introduced that featured the man using his obsession with cold to find a cure for Nora. Gotham has been playing around with the timelines of when Batman’s enemies make the transition to “super villains” and judging from the description above, it sounds like Fries may become Mr. Freeze years before Bruce Wayne puts on the cape and cowl. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll immediately start committing crimes with his infamous freeze gun, but don’t be surprised if an accident gives him a “slight” aversion to normal temperatures. Either way, expect Darrow to go all out on this role
Gotham Just Cast Mr. Freeze's Wife, See What The Actress Looks Like
Mere days after finding out that House of Cards vet Nathan Darrow will be playing the iconic Batman villain Victor ”Mr. Freeze” Fries on Fox’s Gotham, the producers have announced the actress who will be playing the tragedy-filled baddie’s wife Nora Fries: Being Human’s Kristen Hager. Check her out. Of course, Hager isn’t going to look quite like this when she’s on Gotham. She’s got a terminal illness that will be at the center of both her and Victor’s narrative arcs, and it sounds like we’ll get to know her as a character for a little while before she inevitably gets put into the cold tank. According to Zap2It, she’ll be the smart and casually sensible opposite to the emotionally callous and distant cryogenicist Victor. But he definitely loves his wife, and he definitely wants to make her illness anything but deadly. As she gets worse, he becomes more harrowed with trying to keep her alive, and she must then decide whether she wants to “play the willing participant in Victor’s mad plan,” which we’ll assume has something to do with keeping her frozen, or if she’ll make the ultimate sacrifice in order to stop her husband from going insane. I know I won’t be the only disappointed viewer if Nora’s story ends without Victor mourning her through glass. That’s just how the story has to be told.
'Gotham' Star Breaks Down "Devastating" Loss, "Huge Transition" Ahead
[Warning: This story contains spoilers for Monday's episode of Gotham, "Mommy's Little Monster."]If the first season of Fox's Gotham ended with Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) believing that he had gotten everything he ever wanted, Monday's hour proved just how wrong he was. He was betrayed by those he thought to be loyal, and his mother (Carol Kane) was killed as part of rival Theo Galavan's ongoing plan to take the city for himself.So where does the future Penguin go when he's got nothing left? The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Taylor about Oswald's "major oversight," his "moral compass" and the impact of this "absolutely devastating" loss.That whole "crime lord of Gotham" thing really isn't working out well for Oswald.It certainly is not. But that's the nature of the beast — when you gain any kind of power in Gotham City, it's just there to be taken away from you.
How Gotham's Big Death Will Change The Penguin
Warning: major spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Gotham.Comic shows may be taking television by storm, but one of the most entertaining of all has not featured a single comic superhero. Fox’s Gotham has focused far more on the bad guys of Batman lore rather than the Caped Crusader himself – possibly because Bruce Wayne has yet to be hit by the puberty Batarang – as they descend into true villainy. One of the most compelling bad guys has always been Robin Lord Taylor’s Oswald Cobblepot, who is known professionally as Penguin. Underhanded and scheming, the latest episode of Gotham saw Penguin suffer his greatest loss of the series so far: his mother. Recently, Robin Lord Taylor had this to say about what the death of Gertrude Cobblepot will do to Oswald:
Gotham Just Added A Sons Of Anarchy Star As A Terrifying New Villain
While it’s still a little sad that Sons of Anarchy is over (I know, I’m trying to get over it), it’s still great news that a lot of the actors we remember fondly from the FX series are moving over to other projects. Former Sons actor Tommy Flanagan is heading to network TV, where he is set to play new character The Knife on Fox’s Gotham adaptation. He’s the latest person who has been announced in Gotham’s “Rise of the Villains” season. So far, we’ve seen a ton of big names added to Gotham during Season 2. In fact, we’ve known Flanagan would appear on the show for a little while, ever since the actor tweeted about his upcoming appearance back in October. At the time, we assumed he was heading to Gotham to play a brand new character, but we also had no idea who that might be. Recently Comic Book determined that he would be playing The Knife. A lot of the villains in Gotham’s universe are pretty well-known, having popped up in various Batman comics, feature films and other media over the years. But some of the characters on the series have been created specifically for Gotham, including last year’s feisty villainess Fish Mooney, who ended up being super polarizing and was (presumably) killed off of the series at the end of Season 1. Like Mooney, The Knife is a new character in this universe. He is described as “dangerous” and “remorseless,” a ruthless and terrifying villain who can be relaxed and charming and simply turn it off the following second to get to the business of killing. Flanagan should be a good fit for that type of gig.
If you've ever had dreams of getting married in Gotham City, the first of three new clips from Fox's "Gotham" will quickly cure you of that notion.What appears to be a dream sequence starts out well enough, with James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) preparing to say their vows in a picture-perfect ceremony that quickly goes pear-shaped, as the priest is replaced by Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), the organist by Theo Galavan (James Frain), and the guests by Arkham Asylum inmates.The service only gets worse, and weirder, from there.It's followed by two Theo-centric clips, as Gotham's new mayor tries to manipulate young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) into selling his controlling interest in Wayne Enterprises, before promising Barbara, "Today is the day you get to kill Jim Gordon."They join a fourth clip that was release this morning.
Gotham's Erin Richards Previews Love Triangle Climax: 'It's Babs Gone Wild!'
This Monday on Gotham (Fox, 8/7c), it’s no less than “Babs Gone Wild,” to hear Erin Richards tell it.Having laid relatively low ever since the “Maniax” were first unleashed upon the metropolis, Barbara this week is finally tasked with a deadly mission, as part of Theo Galavan’s grand plan to seek revenge on those who hundreds of years ago erased the Dumas family from Gotham history.Barbara, though, as we know, is highly unpredictable, so don’t be surprised this week when things go positively b-a-n-a-… actually, we’ll let the Brit beauty sing it for you in a moment.
Gotham: Let's Talk About That Ending
While Gotham has delivered an unusually large number of villains to viewers already, few of them have actually come together to bring a tag team of mayhem to Gotham City and its easily murdered police department. But that might be changing soon, as the end of “Tonight’s the Night” finally brought together two of Batman’s most iconic enemies: The Penguin and The Riddler. Yes, while Edward Nygma may not be the most confident or sure-footed villain yet, he is definitely spending more time with his more murderous side. Bring on the question marks! When we last saw the now motherless Oswald Cobblepot, he was escaping an ambush on Theo Galavan’s public gathering and was speeding away with a bullet lodged in his shoulder. Apparently he’s been hiding out and trying to stay alive, although it seems like he would know a few under-the-table medical professionals who could have helped him out. In any case, he is found by Nygma, and it’s the perfect possible time for it to happen.
Gotham May Be Killing Off Some Major Characters Soon
Through eight episodes, Gotham Season 2 has already eclipsed Season 1 in terms of excitement, comic violence, and memorable storylines. The show is gearing up for its midseason finale at the end of the month, and it sounds like the episode is going to be full of action, and audiences can expect quite a few bodies to be lying there when the dust settles. But whose bodies? Fox just released the synopsis for Episode 10, titled “Worse Than a Crime,” which will kick off with Bruce Wayne getting kidnapped, which forces Jim Gordon to team up with some of the city’s most dangerous citizens in order to help him track the young billionaire down. That’s pretty sweet in and of itself, since it’s probably Galavan that has taken Bruce, but it’s this sentence that piqued our interest.
‘Gotham’ Ties ‘Supergirl’ For First Time In Live+7 & Live+3 Ratings
The newcomer, Supergirl, came our roaring with a big premiere on Oct. 26 at 8:30 PM, boosted by a Big Bang Theory lead-in. Since then, Supergirl has been slipping week to week for all but one airing while Gotham has been steady, gradually closing the gap. In Live+Same Day, Supergirl still has the edge, with Gotham posting its most competitive finish last week (1.4 to Supergirl’s 1.5 in 18-49 on Nov. 23). But with delayed viewing factored in, Gotham has been able to match Supergirl in both Live+3 and Live+7 for the first time.
Gotham Just Delivered A Huge Shock, But Will It Stick?
Season 2 of Gotham may be subtitled “Rise of the Villains,” but the show has had very little trouble making those villains fall back down after their rise. And tonight saw one big bad taking down another one in cold blood in a moment that truly shocked me. That’s right, The Penguin finally got his revenge on the malicious and two-faced (but not Two-Faced) Theo Galavan, which means Gotham City is totally going to be safe now, right? Doubtful, and that’s also assuming this is the last we’ve seen of Galavan.
Gotham Is Adding An O.C. Actress As A Brand New Character
If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Gotham over the last year, it’s that Jim Gordon can find evildoers from all walks of life in Gotham City. That said, few of the actors brought on to play these criminals can also say they’ve starred alongside series lead Ben McKenzie on a previous show. When the show returns next year to continue its second season, McKenzie will reunite with his The O.C. costar Melinda Clarke, who’s been brought on to play original character Grace Van Dahl.
Gotham: Will We See Jerome Again?
To start, Jerome isn’t truly dead when you think about it, as his spirit lives on in the homicidal minds and hearts of those he influenced with his final televised act. Following his death, we’re granted a look at several random citizens, laughing hysterically and committing various horrifying acts, all seemingly touched by Jerome’s madness. So while he may no longer be in the world of the living, he may very well still be the Joker in the sense that his acts live on through whoever ends up as the most well-known super villain Gotham has ever seen.
Gotham: First Look At Paul Reubens As Penguin's Father
We knew Paul Reubens, best known for his role as the iconic Pee Wee Herman, had been cast - or is it re-cast? - as Penguin's father for Gotham. It's a role he played once before, in 1992's Batman Returns. Today, executive producer Danny Cannon gave fans their first look at him (back) in character, along with his TV son, played by Robin Lord Taylor.Obviously, Cannon put a filter on the image to make it look a little more "comic book-y". The casting was announced at New York Comic Con 2015.
Gotham’s Morena Baccarin: ‘We’re Not Hiding My Pregnancy’
Gotham is back on Channel 5 and there’s been some big changes on and off screen.Co-stars Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin are now a couple and expecting a baby, but the heavily pregnant star says her baby news hasn’t affected the scripts for season two that much.“We’re not necessarily hiding anything. It’s complicated to explain,” said the 36-year-old actress, who plays Dr. Leslie Thompkins“You’d have to see the story. There is a plan for this season and me getting pregnant was not something that has affected what we’re doing on the show.”Morena is no stranger to concealing a baby bump on set, as she was previously pregnant while shooting the third season of Homeland.
How Will Gotham Handle Two Classic Comic Book Villains?
Viewers already got a peak at Mr. Freeze (guest star Nathan Darrow) in the midseason finale, but he will figure heavily in the NEXT couple of episodes. And the show plans to be pretty faithful in adapting the character. "We're taking it back to the roots of the origin story," executive producer Bruno Heller tells "It's about him and his wife before he became a bad guy, how he became a bad guy. It's very much a story of the HEART rather than a story about technology and super-villainy. It's a doomed romance. It will make people cry."
Catch up on all the latest Mega Buzz!Gotham is taking a similar good-guy-turned-bad approach with its other major Season 2 villain: Dr. Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong). "He's very much not a 'mwa-ha-ha' villain," Heller says. "He is a man filled with the joys of science. He doesn't think of himself in any way as a bad person. He is the essence of scientific progress and the joy of hope for the future that science promises. He shows us how even that sensibility can be warped into something evil if wrongly used."But don't think that these flashy newcomers will detract from baddies like Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor). Rather, look for those stories to converge as Penguin CONTINUES to try to be the king of Gotham. "He is very much challenged," Heller says. "Gilzean begins to feel that he deserves a crack at the throne, and Tabitha is still around to cause trouble. But Pengin's life veers off in a totally unexpected direction that we're very excited about. Dr. Hugo Strange has a profound effect on Penguin. He makes a new man of him in many ways."

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