HD8200U works great!

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    I had a new Winegard HD8200U antenna installed this past Friday and it's working great! I'm finding that it has a much sharper pick up range, though, compared to my old 10 element high VHF yagi and XG91 combination. A couple of degrees either way can make the difference between a perfect picture and "no signal". I have to use the rotor a lot more to zero in on some stations where they used to come in with the antennas pointed in just the general direction.

    I'm receiving two new stations on low VHF transmitting on channels 2 and 3, and the one on channel 2 is a low power station that's 55 miles away.

    I'm still using the XG91 by itself, as it works better on UHF than the 8200U.

    Here is a picture of my new antenna "farm". For more info, go to
    My TV antennas

    San Francisco

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    Hello larrykenney yes the 91xg,uhf antenna will kik the 8200u uhf's but day and night lol
    And for the low power vh F stashio n the Winegrud will get the job done lol
    nice picture of your antennas good luck.

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