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Back in the day, I used to be the guy that everyone went to for anything Cable or Satallite. I sold and installed both Cable TV and then later, Directv (back when they first started and you could own your own Directv business). The last 6 or 7 years I have just had normal Directv, Dish Network, and local Cable TV. Since then I have dropped Dish Network. I have a couple of businesses and each one has different entertainment needs.

Anyways, I have essentially just "Coasted" the last half dozen years or so in regards to what's new and happening in the TV Reception world. I have decided to try a few new things, FTA and Streaming being those things. I am basically starting off from scratch in knowledge of these 2 areas. Could you guys/gals direct me to some info I can look at to "get up to speed" on basic knowledge of where FTA and Streaming boxes are at, technology wise? I have been doing a little searching, but I seem to end up on websites where people or a company is trying to sell me their equipment and because of that, I am probably not getting the WHOLE picture on what options are truly out there and available. It's amazing because there are Bloggers and people I thought that were giving me an independent non-biased account of things and then they have these links to buy a certain box, antenna or whatever.

So any help you could give me by pointing me in the right direction or your opinions would be great.
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Oct 12, 2010
:welcome to the forum DrDeath. You will find all the info you need here. And lots of helpful friendly folk too :)

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