AMIKO Aspect ratio weird behavior

Alan Rovner

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Jan 8, 2013
Vancouver, WA
On my Mini HD SE rcvr, the Decades channel is stuck in stretched widescreen mode no matter how I set the aspect ratio in the menu. And the H&I channel bounces really quickly between 4:3 and 16:9 settings before settling in the 16:9 mode.

Any idea what's going on? Does my Sharp TV share any blame? Most other channels follow the menu choice.

Appreciate any comments,
Al, K7AR
Have not noted that here. Will have to find time to check this out.
I have two microHDs that respond to aspect ratio settings differently depending on the TV they are serving. Had to find that happy median between the satellite receiver and the TV aspect settings. Seems like they never get all the channels correct.
Some services include an aspect definition in the tables and some do not . Some programs will also include an aspect definition (ever watch a show with the correct aspect displayed until the commercial plays?). Proper display aspect ratio will be viewed on these aspect flagged channels if the STB is set to automatic aspect, automatic output resolution and the TV is capable of performing a handshake. If one of these puzzle pieces is missing, you may need to play with many different combinations to view with correct aspect and resolution filling the display correctly.

Confused before? Even more confused now? :coco
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