Hockey passes NBA in poll of favorite sports.

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Feb 9, 2005

Relating to the ESPN thread it seems showboating is losing popularity.

The article doesn't keep it's formating but when asked to choose a favorite sport the top 10 are.......

1-Pro Football 33%
2- Baseball 14%
3-College Football 13%
4- Auto Racing 11%
5- Mens College BB 5%
5-Hockey 5%
7-Pro Basketball 4%
8-Mens Golf 4%
3 tied for 9th with 2% Boxing, Mens Soccer, Horse racing

Since the poll was first conducted in 1985 the top 3 gainers were
1-Football +9%
2-Racing +6%
3-NHL and CFB tied at +3%

Biggest losers since 85

1-Baseball -9%
2-Mens Tennis -4%
3-NBA, Horses, Bowling -2%

In 1985 pro football had a 1% lead over Baseball, that lead is now 19% of fans, staggering.

Baseball lost me in the work stoppage of 1981, their multiple strikes have severly crippled the sport, and the steroids issue aren't helping either.

The NBA peaked in 1997-98 at 13%, due in most part to Michael Jordan and has plummeted since the emergence of idiots like Dennis Rodman, Kobe etc. If the NBA doesn't figure out that it's appeal is tied to off court (and on court) behavior and maybe playing something called defense once in a while they're doomed.

The NHL declined in the late 90's thanks to the trap defense. It seems the rule changes are having an impact in turning it around, although I miss the fights.

Rant over.


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Jun 18, 2004
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LOL, from the thread title I thought that hockey came in #1 in this poll -- I was thinking where did they do this poll, Joe Louis Arena?!?

The NBA lost me with their last lockout/strike/whateveritwas. I made a conscious effort to ignore them the next season -- and found I didn't miss it at all. I've felt a slight draw back to it, simply because the Pistons are having so much success -- but I still haven't watched a full game since then. And when I check in for a few minutes of a game it just seems slow and dull with a bunch of muscle-bound swollen freaks walking up and down the court and looking at each other and thumping their chests , etc. Especially after watching college basketball, which I find a million times more entertaining.

My personal faves:
1. Major League Baseball
2. college basketball
3. NFL
4. women's college volleyball
5. women's beach volleyball
6. women's tennis
7. college football


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Apr 7, 2004
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The Definitive Fans Favorites: (ok, it's my list...but it's the only one that matters):

1. Red Wing Hockey
2. College Football
3. College Hockey
4. NFL
5. Golf (Majors)
6. Boxing
7. Ultimate Fighting
8. Baseball
9-99. All other sports

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Nov 17, 2003
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I can’t watch pro basketball. It’s just lame. Do teams actually play defence? What happened to the game of basketball, now its “look at me look at me”. I guess I don’t cater to their “style”

Hockey is king..well college hockey is king in my book. Baseball isn’t bad but it too has gone downhill. The strikes, the steroid scandal and having one of my favorite underdog teams get thrown into shambles and leave town (Montreal)

My personal top list
1. UMD Bulldogs college hockey (gee, imagine that) ;)
2. college hockey
3. pro wrestling (I know it isn’t considered a “sport” but hey)
4. hockey and NASCAR (tied)
6. pro football
7. baseball

Basketball is down there near, oh lets say televised darts, poker, and the best dumb sports show period.


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May 11, 2005
Orlando, FL
For Me:

1. Baseball
2. Football
3. Wrestling (I'm with ya Berg on this one)
4. College Basketball
6. NHL (Although I can't bear to see another losing season by the Blackhawks)
95. Wiping my A$$
96. NBA (Can't watch it, but still in a fantasy league)


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May 18, 2004
I'm Nationwide
I would like to know the geographic demographic and I have an issue will the extremely low number of sampled respondants. Those percentages look off to me, and even though I am not a huge fan of NCAA ball, I do not see it that low.


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Oct 27, 2005
Iceberg said:
I can’t watch pro basketball. It’s just lame. Do teams actually play defence? What happened to the game of basketball, now its “look at me look at me”. I guess I don’t cater to their “style”

I can't watch college basketball. It's their defense that is atrocious, but it doesn't matter because most players at the college level (comparatively) can't shoot and are to slow to penetrating the gaping holes in the defense. The "look at me" style is pro ball occurs because the defenses are so good that the college-style "passing" game (more like stalling) results in quick turnovers.

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Aug 18, 2004
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NASCAR is turning into the bigest joke since WWE and the NBA. Big Bill would turn over in his grave.

My list:
1. Hockey a. College b. NHL c. Any other (takes priority over everything except #2)
2. IRL Racing
3. Rolex Sports Car racing
4. Baseball
5. Football
6. College Basketball*

Least favorite
1. Any ESPN program except Live Sports Broadcast
2. Poker (if that's considered a sport)
3. Rodeo
4. Soccer (this hard, I try to watch, but loose interest after about 5 minutes, Sorry
5. Tennis (except Wimbledon)
6. Golf (except The Masters)

*My daughter played organized basketball from the age of 7 until she graduated high school (1988-2000). I talkin' the Y, summer leagues, AAU, clinics, middle school and high school, you name it, if it had a basketball she was in it. The good thing, her high school team went 62-7:D the 4 years she was there. I spent 3 nights a week and every weekend going all over the state watching basketball. Don't get me wrong, organized sports are great for the kids, then and in the future, but there is such a thing as overkill. I am just getting where I can look at a basketball again.
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Jun 2, 2005
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1.) NFL - Green Bay Packers!
2.) Baseball
3.) Hockey

Not on list: Basketball, anything on ESPN other than NFL or Baseball, lets see...Basketball.... ;)

Baseball I still like, simply because if you want to go to a game, you can still reasonably afford to go ($10 ticket for still decent seats, $5-10 parking Downtown near Minute Maid Park, eat before you go!). I love NFL, the last game I went to was when Green Bay came down to play the Texans in '04...and that was because my best friend bought me tickets for my Birthday! But dang those tickets are outrageous!


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Apr 16, 2005
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1. NFL - Dallas Cowboys/Houston Texans
2. College Football - Texas teams preferably
3. College basketball - but just March Madness
4. NBA - but just during the playoffs/finals
5. Football - Mainly English Premier League but not MLS
6. Nascar
7. Womens Beach Volleyball - especially when May & Walsh are playing or the Brazillians
8. Women's Tennis - depending on who's playing

Least Favorites:

1. Baseball - it's just too slow for my taste
2. Hockey - just haven't been able to get into it
3. Golf


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May 18, 2004
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My Top 10 list would be:
1. Hockey (any) - at game
2. Hockey (any) - in HD
3. College Football - in HD
4. Hockey (any) - SD or analog
5. College Football - at game
6. College Football - SD or analog
7. High School (any sport) - at game
8. Baseball (any) - in HD
9. Motorsports (any) - in HD
10. NFL - in HD


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