Horizontal lines scrolling on RPTV


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Nov 13, 2003
I just noticed last night on my Toshiba 57" RPTV that there are 2 sets of a noticeable horizontal scrolling lines when watching my 508 thru S-Video. At first i thought it was my 508 PVR, but it can't be the 508 as even when i pause a program, the scrolling still happens. It is going from bottom to the top of the screen.

When i switch over to component inputs (for either my 811 or DVD) they are not there. This is very strange. I figure if it's a problem with the TV, it would happen not matter what input i was watching. Any ideas??
Sounds like a ground problem. This has happened to me before. is the 508 and the 811 using the same outlet? (electrical) . Try using an adapter on the 508 (one without a ground lug on it) and see if the 508 still does it on S-video.
My RPTV, 811, 508 and HT receiver are all plugged into a surge protector. What you say makes sense so i guess it can't hurt to try.

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