I Found This New HS-17 Install Video

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  1. Don't think so yet ...

    I'm in L.A., which is one of the pilot test markets so they could offer it to us here.
  2. Gotcha ...
  3. They are. They just started rolling out last week for upgrades only.
  4. Are they PUSHING the HS17, or are you able to choose which format you want ?
    I have the HR44/24s set up, if I upgrade, am I allowed to NOT take the HS17 ?
  5. No. Its up to the individual what they want.
  6. Hopefully it STAYS that way.
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  7. Okay, let me ask you this question, the directv wireless genie performance are currently dog poop with the current hr44/hr54, the question is, does it improve the performance and responsiveness of the minis with the HS17?
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  8. I just opted to go ahead and grab a C61K last night for a good price. I am just gonna put the HR54 in another room and put the C61K at my main display. The 4K channels are included in my package, so why not...
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  9. Hard to say since my C41W performance is very close to my C41 and C61K's performance, both with the Genie1 and Genie2.
  10. I dont know, as I didnt get my wireless mini's until I upgraded to the HS17. The HS17 does have version 2 of the wireless video bridge and it's built in so I would say that yes performance is improved off of that fact.
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  11. Here is another new training video on the HS-17.

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  12. Still a little confused on the number of available tuners. It says 11, but only 7 can record/stream at a time? Could this change with a future software update so that all 11 tuners can record/stream at once?
  13. Maybe but I have only heard being held for future use, with 4K transponder bonding the best guess.
  14. 4 of the 11 tuners are reserved for future reception of 4K channels over bonded transponders when they are moved to the Reverse Band.

    When required the 4 tuners will be combined with 2 of the original 7 tuners to create a pair of 3 tuner wide bonded channels so the HS17 will have same dual 4K program reception capability using transponder bonding it currently has when receiving the 4K channels on single tuner.
  15. IF (was looking on line to verify the model) this BGW210 is truely the 3801 I found when I searched it on google, then that is an OLD modem, we no longer use. It looks like there are various models under that number I guess.
    I looked thru some photos when searching and also found the 5268 which is what we are installing in the majority of the installs at the moment ... now were talking NON Fiber .
  16. I think its an all new model not the 3801. Here's a photo of it.


    BGW210 BGW210-700 ARRIS uDSL Wireless Residential Gateway Test Setup Photos Tst Photos ARRIS
  17. I have seen this BGW on orders for quite some time now, but never pay attention to the rest as it doesn't directly pertain to what I am doing ... Im just making the 5268 work, don't care what other numbers are associated with it .... I'll look closer tomorrow and see if it is the same when I get one tomorrow.

    From just looking at the picture you posted, it doesn't look like it does Bonded as thers only a single broadband light, however it could be being used for something else.

    Our current 5268's have a Power, Ethernet, WiFi, 2 Broadband and a Service leds on them.
  18. Considering directv equipment does not have a directv logo on it anymore. How about no it means nothing. And the one post specifically states they are having issues getting the unit and power supply and one kit So it is entirely possible a old directv power supply fits it and the tech has one
  19. After looking at a few orders from the past few days, Yes, I do see the BGW210 listed, however, we are not putting them in as they are not in the warehouse, we are using the 5268 (and 589s for a few) ... keep in mind, I'm only seeing the Bonded side of oreders and that modem doesn't handle bonded from looking at the lights.