I get a lock but no signal???

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Apr 8, 2004

I am trying to set up my dish for the first time. I purchased a new 3-beam dish. I identified the one possible location on my property where I think I can get a signal. I set the angles and mounted the dish. Now I am playing with the azimuth and the different transducers trying to get a signal …

When I choose either transducer 30 or 32 for the 101 satellite, I get around 88% on a clear day. The same direction gives me 92% on the other satellites. But, even with these settings, when I turn the unit on, it says “searching for signal” and never gets any further (eventually the message goes away). I have gone back and forth checking to see if the settings remain the same between on/offs.

When I do the system check the access card comes up ok, so I know it isn’t a problem with that.

The only curious thing I should mention is that I don’t get any signal at all (i.e. zero) on any other transducers (only 30 and 32).

Does anyone have any idea why the signal meter screen would say I have a solid lock on both satellites, but the unit still says “searching for signal”???

PLEASE HELP … I am totally at a loss with what else to check or do to fix this.

Thanks so much!

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The Three LNB Dishes Require Someone With The Correct Signal Meter To Get 2 Signals.
You Wont Be Able To Do It Your Self. You Would Have To Spend A Couble Hundred Dollars For The Correct Meter That Can Lock Onto Multiple Satellites.

I was using the "signal meter" that comes as part of the box software (in the dish pointing menu). In that menu I can look at the signal strengths for all three satellites at once.

That menu says I have 88% on 101 and 92% on the other two.

Is there something I am not understanding?
That is Only Good For One Satellite And Retails For $30.00 Bucks. The Pros Have A Meter That Can See Multiple Sat. Signals. Directv Even Suggests You Have The HD Sat. Dish Be Professionally Installed.

I'm pretty confused now ... you speak of a $30 meter. I am not using a meter of any type. I am using the dish and the signal meter window in the system-setup/dish-pointing menu on the box itself.

Are we on the same page?

Also ... I thank you for taking the time to help. I'm sorry I am not getting it.
At That Location There Is A Whole Farm Of Satellites. If On Your TV Your Getting A Good Signal But No Picture You Have Locked Onto The Wrong Satellites. They Might Even Be DISH Networks. If So You Wont Get A Picture. Call The Pros.
You can also have someone that can see a tv and yourself at the dish tell you what signal strengths you are getting as you swing the dish from left to right (east to west). Once the signal starts to get stronger, have the person at the tv verify the different satellites. I have had to do mine in two different states, and had no problem at all. No meter, no compass, just me and the signal meter. Just make sure your tilt and azimuth are set properly as to what the receiver recommends.
Please reply by conversation.

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