i have some trees in front are they a problem (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Aug 12, 2009
St Louis, missouri
I have up to 50% blockage on my west LOS and am able to pull signals. I only have a few problems with 8PSK signals.

Lately my 72º-74º LOS is greening in and is probably 60%+ blockage causing problems nailing the NBC mux.

Fall Is just around the corner. :up


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Star Trek fan
Aug 2, 2009

Whether the trees are a problem or not will depend on the elevation angle and how far away they are. If you have have something like a transit you can plot obstructions (elevation angles) versus azimuth to see if you have anything blocking a satellite. Structures such as buildings and water towers should be a part of your site survey as well as trees.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 1, 2006
It's hard to tell from your photo about the trees (since you took it not in the plane of the with the dish/feedhorn/satellite alignment, plus how far away the trees are).

dishpointer website is pretty good for finding out about distant obstacle clearances (i.e. if a neighbor's tree is in the way of a satellite from your dish site).

trees do make a difference - a neighbor's tree blocks some of my c-band dish from AMC-6 so several signals are not as strong in the summer as they are in the winter. I'm hoping the neighbor will trim the tree this winter like they usually do when the tree gets unwieldy and then I should have AMC-6 strong yearround until it grows out again.
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Apr 5, 2009
the trees are like 25 30 feet away from the dish but ill get alot of stuff out there im using an actuator


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Jul 26, 2010
hamilton north dakota
hi i have an 100 cm fortec satellite dish i was wondering if i could get some c band channels from 72 degress west up to at least 120 west i live in hamilton north dakota zip code 58238. about 14 miles off the canadian border. because people tell me that i can receive some c band channels and i thought about buying the dmx 741 ku c band lnbf. but i dont want to buy it in less i know for sure. iam in a very strong hot area longitude 97.51
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