Installing my first motorized C Band Satellite Dish (w/pictures)

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Dec 19, 2008
Both above should be fine. Worried though that the grease on the actuator tube might attract dust and eventually cause it to jam... but if you apply it and wipe off any excess it should be ok as long as you clean it once in a while. Should do a good job of repelling the rain. Maybe a shot of silicone spray once a month would work too. In your climate the actuator will likely last for many years without any attention, I don't think you are close to the ocean (Gulf in your case) where salt spray would occur.

The dielectric grease can be used inside the F-connectors to displace air when assembling, does a great job for keeping water out of the connections.
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Mar 31, 2017
Harlingen, Texas USA
Hi everyone.

I like to start this thread to show you ALL the steps i'll have to do to install my first C Band Satellite Dish.

Before i start, let me apologize if my english is not correct, my first and native language is spanish, but i'll try to write in english and i'll do my best effort.

Im from Monterrey, Mexico, and i have been into this hobby since many years ago, but never had the oportunity to have my own C Band (motorized). I did a Ku motorized dish like 3 years, and the typical Directv and Dish Network installation.

I already bought all the neccesarly equipment to perform my first installation, and i would like to show you all the steps i'll go through to make this installation as best it could be done.

During all this days (or weeks who knows :eeek) i''ll try to post pictures as my installation advanced, and if i had any problem or question, i hope i'll recieve your help in this forum.

First i want to share with you, all the things i already bought:

As you can see what i already bought is:

- A brand new 10" mesh satellite dish antena with polar munt.
- Hellobox FTA Receiver DVBS/S2 HD
- Titanium ASC1 positioner controller
-Titanium LNB C1-PLL with WiMAX filter
- 50 ft actuator cable 4 x 14 AWG
- Wixey wr300 clinometer
- Black low gloss Roast-Oleum spray
- Venture 36" MAXI actuator MA-818-36K
- And general installation tools and accesories

But before everything, i should get started by making a small base concrete in my roof, and by small i mean 35 x 35 x 8 inch base.

I already bought the bag of cement, gravel and sand, and im thinking into hiring someone to perform this action, but after watching some youtube videos, probably i'll do it myself this Monday or tuesday.

As soon as my installation advance, i'll post more pictures of it.

Thank you very much :hatsoff for letting me be part of this great forum and thank you one more time, for all the future help i'll recieve here.

In the mean time i'll read by the 15th time, one "C Band Polar mount dish installatin guide" i found at google. And read read and read as much as i can. There is sooooo much to learn, and im trying to learn all the aspects in deep, to perform, if not a profesional installation, at least a good and working installation. As i expect to watch from 40w to 139w.

So, my journey begins this week, wish me luck everyone and once again, sorry for my english :hiding

Monterrey, Mexico
You did an excellent job
Thank you N6BY, i already bought the digital level, its a Wixey:

And about the chimney, unfortunately i dont have one, but the whole roof is made of concrete, i dont think i'll have a problem building the pole concrete base, above the roof.... i hope so :what2

I'll hire some constrution specialist guy next week, he will build that base for me :clapping

Monterrey, Mexico
You did an excellent job, I installed my c band antennas in 1990 and I installed a used 10 ft antenna 2 months ago,very good experience, I live in Texas but also in Guadalajara, people there have 12 ft antennas and probably 90 % they are not using ,simple ornaments, I can imagine that is the same situation in Monterrey by the way I am getting signals for C/ku bands , I really like sat 113 w


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Sep 8, 2003
I'd look at using a rust converting product on the tube of the actuator. You don't want it oily to attract dust/dirt. You can find rust converters at most hardware stores or automotive stores that sell body paint and finishing supplys.

This is just one example, but I've never used this one. I've had a bottle from an auto body supply store before, it is the consistancy of water.



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Sep 19, 2014
N. Central WV
I'd be careful using any kind of grease on the inner tube of the actuator arm. Dust and grit sticks to it and is drawn inside the outer tube and builds up inside. If it gets on the lead screw, it will eventually eat away at the lead screw nut, or jam it.

As for the dielectric grease, it's fine on connections, but if your gasket between the cover and the gear housing is good, water shouldn't get inside, but it's a good second line of defense against corrosion. I seal around the plastic compression nut where the cables go through to keep moisture out. I also bought a roll of Flex Seal and cut 2 inch strips long enough to go around the gasket on the outside of the motor housing to have a double barrier to back up the gasket.

I've never had to remove it yet, so I don't know what kind of a pain in the butt that might be if you need to get to the sensor or wires. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Cheers! :)


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Aug 29, 2015
Yeap, im banned in the other forum and i dont know why...

I am under the impression that Rick Caylor thinks that im a hacker or that i hacked his forum, or i dont know what he thinks i am.
But suddenly he banned me, he erased all my posts, he is even bannin all the ips adresses my VPN allowed me to use.

And the worst thing is, i really dont know what i did! :(

He is making a huge injustice with me.
I dont know why he got so angry with me.

Monterrey, Mexico
I dont know what you posted on Ricks site, but I can tell you this if you even hint at any receiver that he doesnt have a section on in his forum youll at a minimum get squelched and more then likely get banned. It is Ricks opinion that if you use anything other then receivers he deems "ok" that you are 1 trying to steal signal AND 2 supporting china in killing off jobs here. I had a run in with Rick last year on this issue and i never mentioned the receiver in question. I got put on probation and told if i ever mention a "cheap Chinese receiver" im no longer welcome over there which really is counter productive (also got to listen to a 30 minute rant about how china is killing the united states on a phone order not to long afterwards). Rick sells some good stuff, but its expensive. There are people that have no choice but to buy some of the x2, v7 and v8 receivers. They are cheap and they pretty much work. While im still active over on ricks site I mostly post here since everyone is pretty laid back and will help you. Looks like RamboHack got the help he needed here which is good since hes happy. Means there is one more person using fta equipment.


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Aug 9, 2004
Sorry to have to close this thread, but I will not tolerate bashing on this forum. There are lots of people out there that people hate while others love those same people.
On the other hand, there are also ones that you may love and others hate.
I would like this forum to remain about equipment, channels, wild feeds, new technology, etc.
Leave bashing to other places on the web.

Now, I realize there are hackers, cheaters, swindlers, etc out there. So if you buy something from xyz and have a bad experience as always feel free to share with others so they may steer clear.
However, there is a difference in that and constant childish bashing.

If John, Jane or Paul Doe are so bad and we do the same here, are we any better?


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Mar 31, 2015
Back to topic guys.

Now that i finally tweak my system and that i can get all the channels from 34.5w to 135w, i need to ask you guys some final questions i have.

Its about Dish maintenance.

I wanto to keep my satellite dish in great condition as long as i could. I know that aluminum, steel, electric stuff like the actuator and the rest of the system is not going to be like new forever, but with good maintenance, it should be working fine for many years.

Thats why i wanna ask you guys if it is ok if i use this 2 products on my actuator:

Is it ok to put this on the actuator?:

I mean, to use the silicon grease in this part of the actuator:

And 2 question.

Is it ok to use this on the inside of the actuator? i mean, on the bolts that the cables are located: Its a dialectric grease

I want to use the dialectric grease in here: Is it ok to put it on the bolts?

Monterrey, Mexico
Hi RamboHack,

How is your C-Band satellite dish going, let us know how the progress went and if you have done any additional fine tuning or adjustments ?

Thanks and take care.

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Alexander Olar

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Nov 24, 2017
Macomb Michigan
Hi, sorry for responding too late, but i had a lot of things to do at work today.

Long story short: i use the advice Titanium gave me " first power the ASC1 and then power up the Reciever" and things seems to be working pretty good.

I didnt have any problems today, it is working perfectly fine.

I need to test this solution for another few more days to be 100% completely sure.

But as far as i can see, right now its working fine! :clapping

I think im gonna posponed the "capacitor solution" form now.

Everything is working fine.

Right now im programming my reciever to use the Diseqc 1.2, so i can move the actuator with the reciever. I need to put the same sat position i have on my asc1 in the reciever, in order to work together.

But thats another story.
Thank you very much Titanium for your help :hatsoff

Monterrey, Mexico
How’s it going RamboHack? Haven’t herd from you recently.


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Sep 25, 2004
Brian, it was the receiver he used at the other place. He mentioned it and kept doing screen prints. Not sure if that's happened here or not.

Greg Mueller

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Mar 3, 2006
Datil, NM
Lube for dirty environment......
In the 70s I was a Tow Truck driver in Seattle and we had grit problems with dollies (those little wheel you put under cars when they won't roll). I never tried it but the other guys said to use power steering fluid because it would not hold the dirt.


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Dec 1, 2016
Alor Setar
Just a little update:

Its has been raining the whole day here in my town (MONTERREY, MEXICO), so, the builder guy was not able to start the process of making the concrete and all that stuff.

Weather forecast says tomorrow's sun will be shining. So i guess have we have to wait 'till tomorrow.

In the meantime, for those of you who did not know my city, here's a nice picture of Monterrey, Mexico (Second largest city in Mexico, after Mexico City)

Monterrey, Mexico
What camera model u use for this pic?
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