Edision Is there an e-Manual for the edision Mio 4k available anywhere?


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Aug 13, 2012
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I have switched to this new receiver and it's quite a bit different from others I've had. I've scanned in 78W and want to use USALS for the rest of the arc but I'm having problems getting it to move to the next sat to the west. I'm hoping a downloaded manual would help. Thanks
There is no additional manual for the Edision OS Mio 4k because the operation is dependent on the image that is booted and the selected skin. The receiver can have up to 4 images loaded at one time for instant reboot from any of the 4 selected. Each image may have a different menu layout or use a different skin.

When you post, it is helpful to indicate what image is booted. We ship with TNAP - The North American Project imaged preloaded.

USALS/DiSEqC 1.2 tuner setup:
If you are running the TNAP image with motor operation: In the tuner setup/configuration menu, select Advanced mode, an LNB profile (example: LNB 1), the target satellite, LNB type, DiSEqC type 1.2.

For USALS leave the USALS default On and be sure that your Longitude and Latitude are correctly entered, then save.


For DiSEqC 1.2 motor control, turn the USALS OFF then assign a motor number for the satellite position saving, then save.

The motor does not move in the tuner configuration menu. The motor moves in other menus such as the positioner set-up, scanning or after scanning from the service list.

You are welcome to call during regular business hours, when you are in front of the system for step by step initial setup assistance.

Each image is based on an Enigma release. For example, The North American Project is based on OPENPLI. You will find that the OPENPLI FAQ will be quite helpful if this is your first experience with Enigma2 based operating system images.
Thanks to Brian Gohl for the one on one instructions to get me started with the set up. I have turned the corner on programming and after a small tweek on the dish, the sats are scanning in just fine.
It's an amazing receiver with a sharp interface I can only describe as near studio experience. There's a lot of set up with it but well worth the effort.
Thanks again...
Is there a way to set up a 0-12v A/B switch on the Edision? I have one coax connected to port 3 of a DiSEqC switch then to the A/B switch then to two C-Band LNBF's. I can't find where to program this in the menus.

One more thing, if I do a factory reset on the MIO4k can I then reinstall TNAP 4.0 or will some files that the receiver needs be deleted in the reset?

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