Join the SatelliteGuys Folding@Home Team!

I have always wanted to join this as I think it is for a good cause, but I only have an att 6.0 isp connection. Do I need to keep a pc running all the time and will this imped my connection speed?
Welcome to the fold! ouch. The actual amount of data transferred between Stanford and you and back is very little. If by 6.0 you mean 6 mbps dsl, then you're faster than I, and I don't notice any effect on my connection. As far as leaving your pc on all the time, I do without problems. I have mine on all the time for two reasons: I'm an old dinosaur that still believes that the stress and thermal cycling of turn-on turn-off operation is worse than the wear from continuous running; and, obviously, the more it's on the more work it can do. I did some calculations a while back and figured it cost me $11/month extra to keep her on all the time. I think you'll find that folding is a "good thing to do" that has little or no downside for you.
Thanks, everybody. I've slipped to #4 in the Team list now. *sniff* Me and my three Folders will keep going.

Hmm, I wonder if Watson knows how to Fold?

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