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Passed 9,000,000 last night or this morning. Still have a few clients that are having trouble getting projects.
What, activity on this thread? It seems as if we are a very small band. Kudos to everybody here.

I almost thought I was going to have to shut down my gpu folding as my card that used to run at 82 was running at 95-96 degrees :eek: no matter what I did. That's too hot and there isn't the money for a new one right now. So being adventurous/foolhardy I took the heat sink assembly off, cleaned the old thremal compound off it, the chip, and where they'd slopped it around on the board, and put down a thin layer of Arctic Silver and WOW, she's now running at 66 and no longer needs a pair of extra fans. Zotac should be ashamed, I've never seen a heat sink machined as poorly as this one.

7.4 million points so far. How many other places can you do good without hardly any effort?
FYI Folders, Folding@Home is being retired on the next PS3 update, which appears to be happening tomorrow, for nothing resembling a good reason. I'm not sure you can just decline the update and keep folding since not updating your firmware keeps you offline, but it looks like PCs are going to be the only way to fold from now on.

Disappearance - 103 W AMC1/Spaceway 1/DirecTV 10/DirecTV 12

Software Update Coming