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May 29, 2006
Lower Alabama
WAF for cutting the cord wasn't too hot, plus there were some annoyances. Since I get my premiums now (HBO, Max, etc...) thru Prime, I just added a basic package with locals, all the normal stuff like TNT and Syfy, and diy, cooking, etc... Plus I have good VOD and TV everywhere access.

Only cost me about $25 more than I was spending on my Sling Package, so I can't complain. I basically have 200 down 20 up internet plus TV with a 1TB 6 tuner DVR and client in the bedroom (running TiVo SW) for the same price my Directv bill was fixing to be.

Mediacom isn't a big company, but they are easy to get ahold of and their HSI has been great, so hopefully the TV works out. Not sure PQ is Directv good over everything, but I think its better than Dish, and the local channels are better than I remember Directv or Dish having. Anywho, kinda weird being with cable after 10 years, but maybe Ill like it. No contract either!

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