Just Switched to BH from Dish. A few questions

I think he is a troll. He just slammed me in a different topic because I dared to ask for explanation on the roku HBO GO denial of service by BHN.
Yep, the HD looks pretty good on BH. I subscribe to the HD without premiums or sports (if there is a sports HD package.) I don't watch anything thats not HD and they don't have but a couple of premium hd channels so I don't subscribe. Hopefully, your BH contact is right. I would like to see many more HDs soon.

While we are waiting on BHNtechXpert and others for the HD update what channels are you hoping for in the Wetumpka system? For me, it's SportSouth HD, FSN South HD, DIY HD, WGN HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, ESPNNEWS HD, Encore HD, Travel HD and CBS College Sports HD. I've heard a lot of people complain about the lack of FSN South and SportSouth in HD. Other BH areas have these channels so I would imagine there is an agreement for their carriage. Dish had way too many disputes with channel providers.

Also, I'm hearing that the CW Montgomery is going HD this summer. BH is really good about adding locals in HD so I think we get that right away. They added WIYC immediately when it went HD a couple of weeks ago. It's not updated on the site yet. The BH site also doesn't list MLB in HD but we have it too.

I've got two antennas in my attic pointing towards Birmingham and I pickup the CW and MyNet HD stations. The TIVO lets you merge over-the air and BH at the same time.
I would like to have DIY and more sports channels. I don't care anything about CW. I did see the WIYC channel. If they would get more HD movie channels I would get a movie package. On another topic, I would like to see my spots ( I produce TV spots in HD) during the breaks on BH. They don't insert local spots on HD channels - even though I send the spots in HD.
I was told that our local CW is going HD next month. Will BH carry that? Since it's already on a digital channel in the 200s would it automatically show the HD feed when live? I think our WIYC did that.
Dish to Bright House switch

There is no comparison in quality and service. Bright House uses old equipment and their customer service is terrible. Roadrunner internet freezes and the TV signals freeze. Channels like IFChd, TCMhd, FXhd "lock up" and show "unavailable message." The only cure is switch back to Satellite. You will notice a terrible pause when switching channels and extreme prices on many pay per view channels. The 'expert' is a troll doing damage control IMHO.
I disagree with you about quality and customer service. I used to have Dish. The customer service is equally as good as Dish with BH. BH's PQ, for me, is better. My only complaint is the lack of HD in my area. With the addition of a bunch of new channels by DirecTV lately I will be switching to them once my promotional pricing ends in February if no HD is added. It's already been a year since any was added and we've been told it's coming but long time BH customers in our area say that's been the mantra for BH for years around here. So Feb. will 1 year with BH for me. I think that's ample time to make an informed decision on if I want to stay with them. Other providers in our area are adding HD left and right.

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Brighthouse in Eufaula, Alabama

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