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    My husband is stationed in Okinawa Japan and in this area we can get AFN from Koreasat 5. Typhoons happen regularly here and I was trying to figure out a way to adjust our own satellite. I bought a DMYCO v8 off of Amazon but the required frequency is not available when I try to manually input signal. I think I screwed up and bought wrong equipment and I was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction.
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    Hi Yumi V, wellcome to satelliteguys!

    I cannot find a manual on the internet, but is your difficulty that you don't know what inputs you should enter in the satellite finder, for the LNB you use, and for AFN at 113East?
    If yes, do you use a 'universal LNB' (with 9750/10600 on it), or a 'standard LNB' (with I believe 10750 on it)?
    And have you found the needed AFN-specs on (e.g.) Koreasat 5 at 113.0°E - LyngSat
    12590, Vertical, SR 30000, FEC 2/3, 8PSK

    I guess we need a bit more input from you, to adequately help you.

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    The AFN signal is scrambled and your receiver needs to be authorised by AFN to unlock the signal. I think they will only unlock approved receivers.

    Because of the amount of new US TV on AFN, the signal is heavily targeted by pirates so if this didn't come from AFN and they advertised AFN programming, then they're probably referring to illegal reception.

    There is information on direct reception of AFN here: myAFN - American Forces Network Online

    That website only mentions a large Cisco receiver but this one seems to work too and is cheaper: Afn Satellite Tv Decoder And Dvr | Digital Video Recorders (dvr) | Electronics | Shop The Exchange

    I would call the AFN helpdesk and talk to them about the equipment you need and if you qualify for authorization.

    Email: sathelpdma@mail.mil
    DSN Phone: 312-348-1339

    Once you've done that, it should be easier. Koreasat 5 is a pretty powerful signal so should be easy to receiver, but let's make sure you have the correct equipment first.
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