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  1. Last: X-Men Days of Future Past


    Next: X-Men Apocalypse UHD

  3. Need to do an X-Men marathon also...
  4. Don't Breathe, different type revenge movie, followed by The Grey a plane crash survival movie with wolves added...
  5. Kill Switch

    That was pretty wild, basically a 90 minute FPS video game movie.
  6. It Comes At Night

    Man, that one will work you to the bone.
  7. After owning this for 7-8 years I’m finally going to give it a watch IMG_4445.jpg
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  8. I binge watched those over the summer :) I'm a sucker for Slasher flicks, FInal Destination, Urban Legend, etc.

  9. It should be good along with Halloween 1-5 and a few others.
  10. It’s that time of year again. Next up. IMG_4649.JPG
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  11. I thought it jumped the shark (sub)... Incredible immersive sound though.
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  12. Wind River, really good modern western... Reminded me of Longmire In a way.(which we watched 3 episodes of afterwards)
  13. Last: Family Man

    Our traditional day after Thanksgiving after shopping, lunch, and a nap movie. Love it.

    Next: The Santo Clause

    Our traditional movie after leftovers dinner.

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  14. We are 1 month away from Christmas now and the holiday movies are gearing up. Next up IMG_4708.JPG always a favorite at this time of year.
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  15. Watching Life...
  16. Underworld Blood Wars...
  17. Kong: Skull Island

    Some odd bits of acting here and there, but overall, I enjoyed it.
  18. Wind River

    Great movie.
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