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Aug 12, 2006
Just in case someone is considering purchasing a new television I wanted to let everyone know how well LG Electronics take care of their customers. I purchased a 40" Zenith HD projection t.v. on 12-09-2005 which is still under the twelve month parts and labor warranty. The last week of August 06 I noticed a red flare in the bottom left of the screen. I contacted the store that I purchased the set from and they contacted the service center they used for LG warranty repair work. They were told that they were no longer authorized by LG for warranty work. I then called LG on Aug.30 and was told they would find service for me and someone would be contacting me. To make a long story short, after numerous phone calls to LG, and being assured they were working on the issue, I am now at day FIFTY THREE since I requested service directly to LG. Luckily I have been able to watch the tv although the red flare is pretty irritating, I can not imagine how upset and mistreated someone would feel if their tv went completley out and had to wait two months or longer without a tv waiting for service. Since this is still on going I will update how this comes out, but I have dealt with numerous computer and electronic companies in my life but nobody holds a candle to LG on how uncaring they are to their customers.

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mikesd, i hear you!, my zenith 50 " plasma that i purchased at best buy on jan. 16that went bad on oct. 4th, (made by lg) they could not find anyone to come service the set in home so they offered to have me exchange it at bb, finally after 16 days (i feel pretty lucky now that i see your situation) i exchanged it yesterday, they no longer carry zenith (thank god), so i swapped it out for a 55" sony lcos rptv, they had a lg 50" plasma also, but you know what they say, screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me! keep calling and ask for a supervisor, call everyday. good luck! pajer
Guess its safe to say that one should stay away from LG / Zenith electronics. I have stayed away from RCA for years because of their poor quality. I got a GE television that looks exactly like the RCA I used to have with the same menu's an all and I got extremely lucky as it has been working great for years. I figured I had to luck out and get a good television eventually.
Thanks for the support guys, I do not have huge problem with the set having a problem, it happens with all brands, but one thing is for sure: a company is only as good as the support that they offer to their customers. Pajer, congrats on the new Sony and yes I have made my call to a superviser today.
A comsumer complaint to your states Attorney General will speed things up considerably. When LG gets a call from the state AG they stop messing around.
Well a service tech. has been here twice, both times he brought a new convergance board with him. Neither fixed the problem and in fact with both boards he could not even adjust the convergance so both times he had to reinstall the old board. When he left the last time he said he needed to get the service manual from the company and maybe he could adjust the convergance on the new board from the manual. If there is any doubt what a B.S. company LG is, I spoke to him today and he told me he has requested the manual from the company five times and it still has not been sent to him. Oh Yea, I found out LG's policy is they have sisty days to get a service man out on a problem and then another sixty days from the day the repair man arrives to get the problem fixed. So LG gives themselves four months to fix a problem!!!
That does not sound acceptable at all, not even the first 60 days sounds acceptable. I would just go ahead and call Attorney General's office. They are trying to get time to fly by to get past the warranty period so that they an say that they do not have to fix it. Make sure to get documentation from the repairman showing each time he was there and why and that it was not repaired.