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Dec 30, 2003
I've decided to wait with the DishNetwork and added programming to my current DirectTv account.

My question is... is there a 2x8 splitter? I will have two rg6 lines coming in and 8 outlets. I won't have 8 receivers but like the idea of being able to move a receiver around when needed.

I would also like this splitter to work with dishnetwork just in case I switch to them.

thanks so much!
what about this?

i realized that I have a 4x4? multiswitch already connected outside. The unit has two inputs for two LNBs and four out. If I use two of the outs on this multiswitch will that pose a problem for adding another splitter/switch inside the house to go to the rest out the rooms in the house?

thanks again
You can run the four line outs into the house and connect them to four of your wires.This will let you move your box to four different spots.If im reading this right you want to be able to move your box around the house without disconnecting wires and reconnecting them.If you want all 8 hooked up on the same switch you need to take the four wires from the dish to an 8-way switch and take out the four way switch.

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