What AV/DBS gifts Did you Give or Receive for Xmas?


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Chris Freeland

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Sep 8, 2003
Collegedale, TN
I received a couple of gift certificates from BB. Are old 25" Sharp tv in the bedroom was going bad, picture had the squeezes :D , since my wife watches TV in the bedroom much more then I do I got her a new 20" flat screen stereo Apex TV and a Coby Progressive scan DVD player. I know these are cheap brands but the price was right and a flat screen 20" TV with 2 sets of A/V inputs an S-Video input and 1 set of A/V outputs all for only $99.99 and a Progressive Scan DVD player for only $39.99, that was just too good to pass up and the TV has great pq and sound, especially for a cheapy one. The strangest thing is that I bought the TV and DVD player at a Winn Dixie, never thought I would ever buy a TV and a DVD player from a grocery store :D . Ho, Ho, Ho !
dlsnyder said:
I got a new HP935 digital camera. Does that count?

Merry Christmas to all!

Yes it does, in fact my Wife, Brother Inlaw and I together, got a Kodak digital camera for my daughter :D . She is going on a student mission trip to Costa Rica in March and that camera will come in handy :D .
My wife got a Sony P10 5 Megapixel camera for her birthday on 12/23.

I got an XM boom box for XMas (woo hoo! music by the tree instead of blasting it from the home theater room) .

Several XBox games for me and my son. Simpsons Hit and Run, Terminator 3, Max Payne, Kung Fu Chaos, Spongebob, and even a Barbie Horse adventure game for my 4 year old girl. By next year, I want my wife running out of the world in terror when my daughter asks if the new Rug Rats movie has a DTS audio track!

There still is a gping hole though where the 921 is supposed to go. I just finished watching Alias the last few nights so I have emptied out all of my archived shows. CMon Charlie, gimme my 921!
I bought myself a new projector, the Boxlight Studio Experience 2HD (Sanyo PLV-Z2 clone). Native 720P LCD projector and it's everybit as bright as the DLP I've been using. HD never looked so good at 110"!!! I'm in heaven.
Santa brought me an Home Theater Master MX-500. Being able to control an Outlaw 1050, Dishplayer 7200, Sampo DVD and a Samsung SIR t-150 HDTV receiver with one remote is a very good thing. Plus it works out of the box with the Sony TV and Toshiba DVD as well. I've had a few universal remotes, but this one is a keeper. The wife loves the favorites menu on the remote. You can program in up to 50 channels, all just a click or two away. That and being able to clean up the remote clutter off the coffee table.

Anyone using one of these with the Dish 811 yet?

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