MoCA POE Filter on MDU Drop


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May 8, 2009

I am placing this here because, quite frankly, there is not really does not fit gracefully under one of the forums. Mods can certainly move it if they can come up with a better place for it.

MoCA 2.0 will be used to distribute internet throughout a MDU location via RG6.

I need to place a MoCA POE Filter on the tap to keep the internet feed from entering the MSO system.

However, at the MDU location, the drop is connected to (2) 8 Outlet SA Taps, as can be seen in the photo.

The units are SA (Cisco) SGST 8W Model Number 401 3335.

Clearly, the drop from the street (coming up from the bottom and wrapped in black) is not RG6 - not sure if it is RG11 either as it looks far too large in diameter.

Also no idea if whatever it is has F connectors on it as they are sealed in the plastic. Again, looks larger than normal.

And finally, after googling the specs on this tap, they are only listed to 1Ghz.

1) Will this tap act as a MoCA 2.0 Bridge as the specs are only to 1Ghz and not to 1.625Ghz?

2) How can a MoCA POE Filter be inserted at the TAP entry point?

3) Anyone know what type of cable is in the feed from the street - and what type of connector is used to connect to the Tap?



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Feb 15, 2009
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That's a 540 line... you cannot filter here. Moca traps should be installed on every drop normally, to prevent mrv signals from interfering with each tennant. I'm not sure how to accomplish what you are trying to do easily as I do not believe it's intended to work this way. You could diplex, but that would require another beast box just for those connections as this again is not how cable systems are designed to work.

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