More bad news: iPhone 4 allegedly shocks Chinese man into a coma



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Oct 13, 2003
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Sounds preposterous but note the speculation in the article that a capacitor could breakdown and short sending (common capacitor failure) China's 220 50 Hz voltage to the iphone

An electrical expert from Jilin University, surnamed Liu, told Wu’s family that fake chargers are usually poorly insulated and may generate sparks when inserted into electrical outlets - especially in moist environments. Wu's family confirmed that during the day of the incident, it had been raining and the air inside the house was very humid.

It appears pretty certain that the cause of the electrocutions is a combination of poorly designed and built 3rd party chargers, high voltage used in China ( 230v 50 Hz) and the device being used in a high moisture environment as it was raining and reported wet when it was in use. If the charger device did short out, it could send the full 230v to the iphone and that would also then short to the case where a person would be handling the phone. If standing on a wet or damp floor, the person could get a lethal shock.

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