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As you may have seen on the homepage we are moving to a new dedicated server!

It's an exciting time, as this is quite an upgrade for us!

Here are some more specs on our new server.

Dual Intel Xeon - 2.4Ghz
1024 MB RAM
Dual 80 GB SATA Hard Drives (With 8 MB Cache)
1000 GB of Premium Bandwidth
100 MB Uplink Speed
Redhat Enterprise 3.0

With RedHat Enterprise 3 we can (and will) run our Dual Xeon processors in HyperThread Mode, meaning it will be like having 4 2.4Ghz processors!

Also our server will be hosted in a major interconnect point, with direct connects to the following backbones.

· UUNet - GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
· Sprint - GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
· Level 3 - GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
· Verio - GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
· Time Warner - GigE Connection(1000Mbps)
· Global Crossing - GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
· Allegiance Telecom - GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
· ATT - OC3 Connection (155Mbps)
This server should be REALLY fast. :D
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