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  1. Up to you, but sure why not? It is part of the hobby!
    Yes, it is!
    Not far, but if you have a clear LOS, you will have no issue.
  3. Newsmax is no longer on 30W, Lygnsat is out of date. That whole mux (11721 V 30000) disappeared sometime in July last year.
  4. You just broke my hear! :(
  5. Yes, it was an interesting mux (there is a thread somewhere in the WUT area). It was H265 and to get it (it scanned in as radio channels on most receivers) I had to stream it to my computer and decode in VLC or other video programs. I (finally) got a HD television in early July last year, and the mix went totally encrypted and then disappeared before I ever got a chance to hook up my computer to an HDMI port on the television!
  6. Sounds like you have as much luck as I do. So does anyone know if newsmax comes on C band? Anyone watch Galaxy 17 channel 2 this morning? Some dude outran the cops and was shot when he tried to run the cop over!
  7. Cubavision is on that satellite I got it before at 17.1 degrees so you would have a better chance. Ke4est is right you have to have a good line of sight to get it.
  8. Do I dare buy a conversion kit for my 90 cm and try to get C band on it. I know all you say it don't work right.
    But I am really liking what comes on Amc 9 if I could get it.
  9. Looking at you'd need at least a 59" dish for 83w (AMC 9) in Tennessee. The best satellite for a small C-band dish seems to be 99w.
  10. I would not try on a 90cm dish. If you already had the stuff you could fool around for bragging rights, but anything you got would not be stable.
    People have gotten a piece of a C-Band signal here and there on a smaller dish. They were just experimenting though, it was not for reliable reception.
    Just to go out and buy stuff to try on a 90cm, no.
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  11. I'll recommend you don't use a 90cm on C band, I've tried and could only get the Lesea channels on 99w. I also got a few other channels on other satellites but not that many. A 1.2m minibud is alot better than a 90cm, based on the channels others with a 1.2m dish get.

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  12. For now I will use it for Galaxy 19 and probly this fall I will get a bigger dish for amc9 and probly get rid of my dish network, less my mom wants it! hehe
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  13. [​IMG]
    Is it me or is the copper too long? Should be just above the opening?
  14. The stinger length shouldn't extend much more than approx 1/8" past the fitting. Long stingers can often short in the back of the f-fitting connector, so best not to leave them too long.
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  15. And a word of caution with stingers/ connectors, they can really make the difference in quality of signal
  16. Usually I go flush with the end of the connector or just little bit past it like what Brian said. I also have the white part of the wire is flush with the bottom of the inside of connector.

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  17. Neither is true in my case Dan the Man! I might down the road buy my own wire kit and do it myself!
    Another note to some readers of my forum! Don't buy those cheap wires you get at walmart! The oens with the plastic and cheap ends! A waste of money! The white part Is also about 1 cm inside connector and not flush! If you want something done right! Do it yourself! lol.
  18. [​IMG]
    It will probly work but just kinda Disapointed.
  19. I am not trying to be a know it all, I am doing this for some one new to cable installing or FTA, Quality of work does make a difference! I had to learn a lot of this stuff the hard way specially when working for cable installers that where kinda you know jirks! The worst part of doing cable installs is doing Midspands! Hehe Where the connector is mid air between to posts and all you have is a ladder! hehe
  20. I remember doing midspans in Florida during the early 80's. The over-growth would be so bad that we would have to gaff the pole and sling a belt over the line and hand over hand out to service the midspan! I'm sure it was against OSHA rules even then, but you did what needed to be done to get the job done. Young and dumb... LOL!
  21. I bought my crimper tool kit from casey for a good price and i bought eagle aspen wire from him 600 feet of it. I make my own wires now. Its fun to make your own wires.
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