Motor or not to motor

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Mar 24, 2004
I called a couple of installers in my area just yo pick there brain and they both said I would not be happy with a motor because it doesn't work well and they wouldn't guarantee it.
What is your take on this anybody.
I do plan to install it myself.
I have no prior experience other than installing a few DSS dishes.
I have installed a load of them and once they are set they are set, the installers maybe have never seen or installed one, two or three of the members here have installed their own also, its a piece of cake and we are here to help no matter where you get it, there is only one angle to set on the motor and that will never change, the installers dont know what they are talking about (IMO), I would go for it, its a lot of fun and opens you up to all the satellites, and its great in the winter not having to go out and do anything at the dish : )
I originally got setup and didnt have a motor. Living in Minnesota, it sucked when you wanted to move it because it was so freaking cold!!

I got a motor about 2 months ago and had Pete install it (didnt really want to try it myself) and once it was installed it took maybe 5-10 minutes to get the best signal. Never had to touch it yet. It is worth the money if you want ot expand your viewing hobby :)
Tell your installers they're talking a crock o' crap.
Buying this SG2100 was the best thing I did for my dish (Thanks PSB) and I don't have to go outside only to be eaten by these crazy striped mosquitoes anymore.

Now all I need is my Diseqc (COUGH!)
Please reply by conversation.

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