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Galaxy 3C is not indicating that it is a C-Band only satellite. It is a C and KU satellite located at 95W. Make sure that you are using an active TP Frequency to locate the satellite. 12.050GHz/ HorizontalPolarity/20000 Symbol Rate is a very strong Frequency and you should have no problem locking on.
The problem is that I can't get Galaxy3c or any Satellite that ends with "c".

Ok , I got it . The reason you cannot get the satellites that end in " C " is that since they are C-band the LNB setting on the menu of your SAMSUNG is probably set for a C-band LNB , so if you were to change the value by toggling thru Standard Ku or Universal Ku and saving, you then could perform a blindscan as long as the Satellite transmits in Ku.

Brasilsat will not work, but there are others ( see Lyngsat ) that transmit both C/Ku , and sometimes the STB Set Top Box ( Receiver) has a incomplete satellite list in the menu, so if a Ku sat is missing but you do have it as a C-band sat you just change the LNB setting and scan the sat as Ku.

I assumed you were looking for Brazilian programming , there are 2 new channels from Brazil not listed on Lyngsat that I just found and cannot be listed in open area, if you need the info PM me.
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