Samsung Dsb 4700

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Nov 20, 2006
Can anybody tell me how SAMSUNG DSB 4700 works with SG2100. Do we have to go thru - Installation - Positioner Setting....etc every time we want to change Satellite???
don't know if anyone is using with the sg2100 but you might can set up the Favorite channels and use it to change satellites .....just a thought... If you do use a " Horizontal transponder" when possible, it will move faster
yes the Samsung works with a motor. Once you go to a satellite, you can save it and then when you go to that satellite, the motor will move to said satellite :)

Iceberg, Can you please tell me how to activate the receiver to go to the satellite? I tried to do it, but the motor doesn't move.
If using USALS , Have you entered your LONG and LAT , and satellite position, hit save and then enable the USALS function on another Sat and GOTO, if you don't have TP's or Frequencies stored you then can scan that sat.

Not familiar with Samsung , but I have now played with 3 different receivers and found that they are pretty similar. Good Luck
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