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Feb 6, 2005
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Hi , guys from plane geometry offset antenna sections cut from larger circular parabolic antenna the same way as sphere shape . therefore if you look at the attached file , you will see what I am planning to design which is a motorized offset dish , but not by the conventional way rotating the dish, but by rotating the LNB instead of the dish , and making the dish is fixed . The LNB is fastened by two shaft drives one rotates horizontally and the other one rotates vertically .

The sphere's diameter is 180 cm , 240 cm or 360 cm and its surface is made of thin plastic so that the electromagnetic waves can penetrate without obstruction
the inside surface of the sphere is painted like a mirror paint . By doing so the sun rays cannot penetrate inside the sphere to burn the LNB .

Rotating the LNB inside the spherical mirror the LNB is scanning the surface of the sphere in a such way selecting different sections , i.e. different offset dishes facing different satellites , similar if you are rotating one offset dish across the Clarke belt from East to West .

Please give your comments whether it can be done or not .

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Sep 2, 2005
I'm not sure I understand. Somehow the RF is supposed to pass through the sphere, but then reflect off the inside to focus on the LNB?

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