Movie Pass for Unlimited Theater Tickets

Discussion in 'Movie Talk' started by king3pj, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. MoviePass Lets You See A Movie Every Day For $10 a Month | Nerdist

    Has anyone tried Movie Pass? It's a subscription that lets you see one movie per day at participating theaters. They are in the news today because they cut their monthly subscription from $30 per month down to $9.95. I can't get to their website to see if I have any participating theaters near me because they are getting slammed because of this news.

    I'm strongly considering signing up for this if any of the theaters near me are supported since I would only have to go to one movie per month to make the subscription worth it. The only restriction seems to be that they don't cover IMAX or 3D tickets.
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  3. I am trying it. But waiting on the moviepass card. They got hammered and their site went down. So they are trying to catch up. So far it should be worth it. I have 2 theaters in the area that they said will take the moviepass card. Wish they were eticket available . I could use it now if they were. But have to wait on the card. They show the theaters now on the website. They had to add servers.
  4. I just checked the new app update . Yep I have 2 theatres in my area. But need to be within 100 yards to activate the card when I receive it.
  5. I'm definitely interested in trying this. I just wanted to hear some first hand experiences with it first.
  6. Yea I am still waiting on card. They got so hammered that they couldn't keep up. So the delay on the card is maybe next week I will get it. They have changed a few things too. 1 movie a day instead of 24 hours. And can see the same movie more than once. That is better. And when I get the card I will be trying it out. If I got it today I couldn't use it till after Labor Day. On call for my job.