My BUDs and warm in Seattle, WA. (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 8, 2008
Hi Folks,

Just felt like sharing you my recent photo of my BUDs on a warm sunny day
up here in Seattle, Washington.

I gave the BUDs at bath, once a month.

And this photo was taken from my iPad on Monday afternoon,
April 29, 2019 after BUDs bath. And a bath for the little dish, IF
you can see it behind the second BUD, BUD II. :):):)
The little Ku ban dish is on the back porch. Or back deck. :):)

Anyway, just a thought of sharing you this recent photo of my
BUDs after bath.

FEEL FREE to use this photo. Publicize it!! :):):):)
Anywhere on the internet!! :):):)

You can find this on GOOGLE MAP. :):)

My backyard is popular since I put up BUD II :):)

You can look it up on Google satellite for Seatac, WA. 98188.
And you'll find my BUDs. It's NOT too hard to find it.

Neighbors says that I created a "Historic Landmark"
which is facing the church parking lot, at South. And people
can see from the church, the school and from the street on
42nd Ave. South.

Enjoy my photo. :):):)

BUDs - 04-29-2019.JPG
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Lone Gunman

SatelliteGuys Pro
Pub Member / Supporter
Mar 19, 2010
I wash mine every time it rains!! :oldwink Only PM I do on'em is to make sure they are lubricated well about once a month and an occasional wipe down of the Von Weise inner tube on the actuators with WD40 to clean and lubricate those.
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