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Dec 19, 2003
Since we see so many problems with VOOM installs mostly regarding
cancelled appointments I wanted to post my VOOM install as a
complete success.

I ordered my VOOM package on the 18th of December with a scheduled
install of Dec. 26th between noon and 5PM. My installer called me on
Saturday the 20th and told me his crew would be off on the 26th and
rescheduled me for the 27th at the same time frame. We talked about
a half hour chatting about everything satellite related. He said
they had done about 50 VOOM installs so that made me feel pretty
good about my upcoming install. He told me that the biggest problem
he saw with VOOM was the OTA reception as well as the mapping
problem with them not showing up in the guide correctly.

I bought my new Hitachi 65S700 unit on Dec. 5th and had tried many
outside antenna's with pre-amps so I already knew what I was and was
not capable of receiving OTA. He said that was the biggest complaint
in trying to explain to new VOOM subscribers that it was the "luck
of the draw" whether you could get locals OTA depending mostly on
your location from the towers.

On Saturday the 27th come about 4 oclock I had not heard from anyone
to get directions so I was beginning to have my doubts. About 4:15
the installer called me on his cell phone to get the exact location
and said he was in my area. I told him I talked to his supervisor
the weekend before and explained what we talked about since he
started off telling me about the OTA problems here in the mountains
of Western North Carolina.

I had already set a pole in concrete ready for him to mount to so
the install was an easy one for him. I already had the DVI cable
ready to plug in to my unit as well as the space cleared for the
receiver. In a matter of minutes he had the unit downloading the
updates. I had previously installed a CM 4228 outside but had him
connect up the CM Stealth just for curiosity. No better with the
Stealth but that wasn't any surprise to me. He left having a 4 hour
drive back home and I sat down to surf in HD.

Later that week a VOOM rep called me with the survey that some have
posted about here. I understood before ordering VOOM that they were
new in the game and was still working on adding channels and
cleaning up problems and bugs and also I knew my locals would be
limited as I had found out already myself and told the rep the same.
Knowing all of that, I still gave high marks to the survey.

What happens on the Feb 1st deadline we all will see when it gets

So far the only problem I have had is the receiver will once in a
while bring up the guide by itself and then go back to the channel
and only once have I had a lockup on the receiver. Overall I am
pleased with the service and the picture quality is outstanding.

I know some have mentioned the repeat loops of channel content as
well as the few channels we wonder if anyone really ever watches. I
think we all will see more changes come to pass as the Feb 1st
deadline draws closer. At least that is what I, as am sure everyone
else is hoping for. I hope for continued success with VOOM as they
have targeted the HD crowd since E* and D* have limited channels as
it is now.

Although patience is not one of my best features I will continue to
wait out along with the rest to see what takes place over the next 3

I am glad to have found a service that wants their primary service
to specialize in HD programming while the others are adding it as a
secondary service.

Good luck to all of you that are still having install problems or
cancels. I just might be singing a different tune if I was in your



SatelliteGuys Family
Sep 8, 2003
Mine went fine as well. Except - using the diplexer KILLED my local reception. They really have to stop using that thing. Otherwise, they were prompt, able, and courteous.

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