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May 2, 2004
I've been floundering around on the net for three days trying to figure this out. I asked on another forum but never got an answer except to make sure I got a Phase 3 dish. I am now a Dishnetwork subscriber in Warren County, KY. I don't qualify for Nashville locals but my OTA signals are poor. I am thinking about switching to DTV (no locals from them either) because I can get the 3 room with TiVo for free but TiVo doesn't work with OTA. My question is: It appears Warren Co. is borderline on the DTV spot beam for getting Nashville locals. It is the second county in KY on I65 directly north of Nashville, about 50 miles. I can't seem to find a spot beam map with enough detail to tell me if Warren Co. is covered. Bowling Green is in Warren CO. I have an apartment in TN that qualifies for Nashville locals so I can "move." Thanks for any help, Hutch
Here is a map with Warren Co. highlighted (I hope):


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make the switch to D*!!! DirecTivos DO work for analog OTA.
I read somewhere that the only D* TiVo receiver that would record OTA was the $1,000 one. Hutch
Hutch001b said:
I read somewhere that the only D* TiVo receiver that would record OTA was the $1,000 one. Hutch

Yes, the HR10-250 HD DVR is the only one that will record OTA for DirecTV. BUT, it only records digital broadcasts(ATSC), not analog(NTSC).

The spot beams usually spill over the DMA at least a county or two, and most of them cover more than one DMA. If you're in the next county over, it sounds as if it would work.
Jimisham, thanks for the link. I had seen that one before. I also saw one, that I can't find again, that showed a higher resolution with county lines. I'm right on the line so if the signals spill over a county or two then I'm good to go.
Bestbuy had a deal last week where you could get a three room system with one receiver being a TiVo for free. They sold a lady one of these systems while I was standing there. I wasn't sure if I wanted to switch or not so I didn't buy last week. Guy said don't worry about it we'll have something just as good next week. Anyway, when I go in Monday the guy says "No way" when I told him about it. He said that it was a local misprint about the free TiVo and they had a disclaimer by the Directv stuff. I told him about the other guy selling one and he didn't believe it. I guess I'll get the free two room system and add a TiVo box for the third one. According to the salesman if I do that I get the free three room installation but I tend not to believe these guys anymore. Thanks everybody for your responses, Hutch
Hutch you can pick up the Nashvlille locals because I have installed on the border of Todd County and Warren county and they have been able to recieve locals there. Also I can pick up the spotbeam all the way up to KY lake area but it is not there local market.
One thing I've read about, is that if you're on or near the edge of the spot beam, your signal levels may vary.
This is because the 'footprint' of the spot beam may move slightly through out the day. It's not a rock steady footprint.
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